Thoughts on the RNC

You can either refresh here often and see my updates or you can read it later. Keep in mind, I was registered Republican for about eight years. I’m registered independent now, and vote democrat often.

I consider myself a social liberal and a fiscal conservative. I don’t think either party represents my complete perspective. Although, it has become more apparent that conservatives’ fiscal responsibility is certainly in question. And all the bullshit about small businesses that were brought up on Tuesday night are effectively false. I’ve had a growing small business for ten plus years. While the economy sucks, my small business has experienced a better tax experience since 2010.

Here are my thoughts while watching the GOP RNC.

  • Do any of the republicans speak as if their audience is older than 5 years old or is a reflection of their lack of education? When your role models are kindergarten teachers, how can you speak like an adult?
  • Everyone complains about Obama, but no one has a plan of attack.
  • African American Artur Davis said, “Was this nation built on the prosperous trampling on the less fortunate.” Um, has this man not looked in the mirror lately? Did he forget history?
  • The governor of South Carolina — wearing rich clothes and jewelry — says she’s working day in and day out to improve the quality of life of her state’s poor. She should start with her fucking wardrobe.
  • Mark Rubio clearly doesn’t like Mitt Romney. He likes his rise to fame in the party. If that’s not clear to you, what is your problem? He’s also repeating bullet points that someone forced him to memorize.
  • The RNC loves to point out the division, but fails to see how they divide.
  • I thought teleprompters were demonized by Republicans when making fun of Obama. But every fucking one of these people have used them. Hypocrites.
  • I saw on WTTW that Newt Gingrich defended the lack of color in the crowd by referencing that Artur Davis would speak.
  • Mrs. Romney thinks that only mothers understand her love for her husband. I guess Tina doesn’t love me. I guess those women in the country who are childless don’t know what she’s talking about.
  • Talk about out of touch. Mrs. Romney says that she talked to people who couldn’t get ahead “now.” She should have talked to Tina’s mom 25 years ago. She should have talked to people 6 years ago who work 3 jobs. She should have talked to people in the 80s who couldn’t make it under Reagan’s awesome regime. What a cunt.
  • In Oprah’s voice, Ann exclaims, “I love you women!”
  • Ann Romney exclaims, “I’m a brainwashed idiot!” She screams, “I’m hoping to appeal to brainwashed idiots!”
  • The past few years have been the hard part. Not the 8 years of war and the building bubble that lead up to the past 3 years. What an asshole.
  • Republicans, a group of people who benefited from America’s opportunity, while telling the downtrodden that they should buck up. Holy crap, I’ve known that my family was out of touch, but this is ridiculous.
  • Ann Romney is a hottie.
  • How many signs are being held up that read, “We worship you, Ann!” I can’t even count.
  • “This man [Romney] will not fail.” Can we hold you to that?
  • Chris Christie: “I can’t breathe from walking on stage because I’m so out of shape … I’m proud of my state, and that I’m as big as a state.”
  • The sentiment of: we have dead moms and kids … that makes us … just like you. These guys are NOT just like you. Or me. They will never be like you and me. No democrat or republican politician — at the state or federal level — will EVER be just like you and me.
  • Tonight, Chris Christie says, “Enough!” … “Our leaders should take action!” Bullshit! Tonight is too late.
  • If it wasn’t clear that Christie should fire his speech writer before tonight … it should be obvious now. And I quote, “Our ideas are right for America. And their ideas have failed America.” Cough … bullshit.
  • Chris Christie: “Our country has never been a country to shy away from truth” … except for evolution, poverty, slavery, gay rights, human sexuality, budgeting, finances, rich people benefiting off the ignorant, etc.
  • Pandering to the old people … easy peazy nice and easy.
  • Chris Christie has never sat in a room with a real grandma who supported four boys by cleaning homes her entire life or with my wife who has seen the complete opposite of this bullshit.
  • The republicans have lost touch. They throw out “divisiveness” and “wars”. “Assaults” and whatnot. The fear mongering at the RNC is overt and ignorant. It preys on the ignorant. And — from the friends and family I know — it shows. And they don’t know it.
  • I thought Chris Christie tells it how it is. Who is going to tell him that his weight is a burden on his own health and welfare? Shouldn’t we only uphold men and women who care about themselves enough to stay healthy and honest with themselves?
  • “Leadership matters.” And then he thinks, “Oh yeah … I know a guy that we should elect … Can I go fart now?”
  • I know one thing for sure. There is a LOT of fabric in Christie’s suit.
  • Leaders that tell you something other than what I’m saying are lying to you. They’re Nazis. And you heard it here first, America. In other words, “I’m a hyperbolic moron and you need to believe me and only me.”
  • Chris Christie, “I need my teleprompter to stay where it is so I can repeat the same line three times.”

A 365 Photo-a-day project that makes our 365 Peeper Dee Project look like trailer trash



Photographer Aaron Nace recently moved to Chicago from North Carolina, and he opened a studio for making videos to help others learn Photoshop. It’s called Phlearn.

Our partner Bill Whitmire knew of Aaron before he moved here, and when he found out he landed in Chicago, he looked him up.

Now that I know him, I can’t help but be completely jealous of his ability. He’s a super cool guy, and frankly, I’d like to selfishly be his only friend so I can mooch soak up his vast knowledge.

In 2008, he challenged himself to a 365 Photo project. Only, his photos were well-though-out, heavily photoshopped images that will — frankly — blow your minds.

Above is just one. Go check his Flickr feed for the project and be inspired.

From his mind about the project:

Be prepared to get really sick of seeing this face. Average time spent to get photo as of now:

Planning 1-2hr
Setup 10min-1hr
Shooting 30min-1hr
Total 2-4hr

Finding an extra 3 hours everyday might get tough, looks like someone is going to have to get more efficient. Or sleep less.

I am going to try and take a (semi)interesting photo for all of the 365, so if I skip a day it pretty much means I didn’t find the time to do anything interesting, and didn’t feel like posting total crap.



Bill Nye: Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children. In other news, neither are the stories of Noah, Samson, Jonah and Jesus


Best quote from the above video:

And I say to the grownups, if you want to deny evolution and live in your world, in your world that’s completely inconsistent with everything we observe in the universe, that’s fine, but don’t make your kids do it because we need them. We need scientifically literate voters and taxpayers for the future. We need people that can—we need engineers that can build stuff, solve problems.

Thanks, Tina!