A 365 Photo-a-day project that makes our 365 Peeper Dee Project look like trailer trash



Photographer Aaron Nace recently moved to Chicago from North Carolina, and he opened a studio for making videos to help others learn Photoshop. It’s called Phlearn.

Our partner Bill Whitmire knew of Aaron before he moved here, and when he found out he landed in Chicago, he looked him up.

Now that I know him, I can’t help but be completely jealous of his ability. He’s a super cool guy, and frankly, I’d like to selfishly be his only friend so I can mooch soak up his vast knowledge.

In 2008, he challenged himself to a 365 Photo project. Only, his photos were well-though-out, heavily photoshopped images that will — frankly — blow your minds.

Above is just one. Go check his Flickr feed for the project and be inspired.

From his mind about the project:

Be prepared to get really sick of seeing this face. Average time spent to get photo as of now:

Planning 1-2hr
Setup 10min-1hr
Shooting 30min-1hr
Total 2-4hr

Finding an extra 3 hours everyday might get tough, looks like someone is going to have to get more efficient. Or sleep less.

I am going to try and take a (semi)interesting photo for all of the 365, so if I skip a day it pretty much means I didn’t find the time to do anything interesting, and didn’t feel like posting total crap.



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