Thoughts on the Democratic National Convention

I’ve been watching the Democratic National Convention since 5:30 CST.

I watched a little on PBS, but I don’t like the commentary telling me what to think.

So I’m watching the live feed on NBC.

I’m going to live blog the rest of it, but my thoughts so far:

  • It’s awesome to be talked to as an adult with an education and not as a 5 year old getting reprimanded by the angriest mommy without a clue in the world.
  • The speech from the firefighter was too reflective of the RNC’s attempt to use regular Joes as spokespeople for everyone. The statements were too broad.
  • The energy and charisma at the DNC is a hundred times better than the RNC.
  • PBS is right. The DNC is not concerned enough with poverty.
  • If I were a Republican, I would confuse the energy and charisma with “shouting” and “yelling.”
  • It’s refreshing to see a crowd populated with color (both women and men) and strong, confident women.
  • Tina and I have both commented separately about how emotionally moved we are by the speakers. Wow.

Stay tuned. I’ll update below with thoughts as they come. :O

  • Ted Strickland was hilarious. His reference to the sermon on the mount, priceless. He pointed out that Mitt Romney’s deception about his money and his taxes is telling. “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Where is Mitt’s treasure? Where his goddamn heart is. He doesn’t care about America. He cares about his fortune and not losing it.
  • If you’re a woman, and you want empowerment, give
  • Rahm Emmanuel is kind of fucking it up. He’s not likable or well spoken. I’m embarrassed for him.
  • Establishing The mythology that I wrote about for Mitt, that’s what the DNC is guilty of as well.
  • It’s no wonder why all the cool smart people love liberal values. All the people who love the values are much, much cooler than those who stand for lesser values.
  • Equal pay for equal work! So fucking cool.
  • Wow. If I was a fan of the RNC, I’d be jealous of how much stronger the DNC folks are. How many abysmal failures spoke at the RNC? Just wow.
  • If I had to peg the most “Christian” ideals, in as much as the ones that are loving toward others, it would be those presented here, at the DNC. When they say “god bless” it’s almost as if they mean it.
  • Holy crap. I’m so glad to be associated with the smart kids.
  • Inclusion/exclusion. That’s a powerful message. Are you a Christian who believes in hell or aren’t you?
  • Cory Booker is sixty times better than every candidate you’ve ever liked.
  • It amazes me, that as a son of adopted parents, as the admirer of great parents who exude liberal values (real unconditional love, appreciation for down-home values) , that they would side with conservatives ones which completely negate their openness and greatness.
  • Wow. Michelle Obama has some fucking street cred. She’s badass.
  • I don’t appreciate the attempts to humanize Barrack. He and I may never hang out so don’t make him my neighbor, bitch. Seriously.
  • These thoughts are political, they are personal. Hmm. Imagine that. It’s like all those Christian teachings you’ve ever heard, but better. They’re real. Wow.
  • If I was Mrs Romney, I would fire my speech writers. I would definitely fire my speech coaches. I would probably consider divorcing my dumbass husband.
  • Why do I love the liberal ideology? Because it’s reflective of the tortoise  and the hare. It’s reflective of how I do business. If you expect to get there over night, you’ve got the wrong idea. It’s the long road that leads to success.
  • “All of our children” not just “mine”. This is the party to stand behind.
  • You don’t have to hold your audiences hands in the liberal party. You don’t have to baby them. You can talk intelligently, without apology, and know you aren’t going to lose your audience. That’s what’s great about liberals. Their education level doesn’t require speakers to talk down or act like a pre-school teacher.

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