Billy Graham, you make your deity out to be a child


A Billy Graham quote reads, “Our society strives to avoid any possibility of offending anyone — except God.”

Funny, you’d think the king of the universe, the deity with the most, the king of kings and lord of lords … the guy with the plan, would be the last one offended.

And yet, His followers all diminish Him to the rank of a child. If you want to be successful, it takes tough skin.

Apparently God’s skin is made of flower petals and garlic skins.

You’d think the guy who requires a capital letter in His pronounces would have enough sense to learn how to avoid offense. 

Seen on Facebook.

It’s Wednesdog!


This week’s Wednesdog is brought to you by crappy people who take advantage of other people.

I recently asked the owner of the dog in the picture above for copyrights to sell this image. She told me she didn’t feel comfortable.


Because of this woman and for this woman, I have donated several thousand dollars of my services to our community. Tina and I did a photo shoot fundraiser raising over $1400 and donating over $3,000 of our time and resources. We shot her previous dog for free, and we gave a heavily reduced rate to shoot the above set of images.

And she can’t sign over the full rights to me to use this image in a sales campaign.

That’s crappy, folks. That’s more than crappy. But there are crappier things in the world.

Like Mitt Romney convincing good people that he’s the most viable option for U.S. President.

When you’re out humping today, don’t hump someone else in malice.

For someone else’s god’s sake, be nice.



a previous post

In one of my previous posts, I referred to an article that discusses the idea that Mary may have been raped and the mythology of Jesus’s birth came from hiding the truth.

This is not a new idea.

Back in college, I played in a one-act play as a religious kid who was dating a religious girl who was raped by the football team. To deal with getting raped and subsequently becoming pregnant, my girlfriend convinced me to stay with her as her Joseph. There were all kinds of nuances in the play, including that my character had feelings that he may be homosexual.

But the concept of Mary being raped and rationalizing her situation into something else, that’s key.

I’m not saying Mary was raped.

It’s widely accepted — outside the Yeshua Fog™ — that translators miss-wrote virgin for young woman and the whole story got supernatural.


The play I was in was distrubing, and it was put on by a Christian school. That’s what a liberal education is. It’s giving students the opportunity to think for themselves.

And when students think for themselves — encourage them to self expression — it’s no wonder that they leave the fold.