WTF the kids are posting

Oops, I typo’d my header and I’m leaving it. It makes more sense.

Because when those jerks at post their stupid ideas to their forum, it offends the delicate flower petal that is me.

Those kids don’t help the cause at all.

But they sure are intriguing.

I’m putting a particularly long one (in more ways than one, heehee) below the fold (hee, hee).


Creation of flavor, “Pre-pepper. Pepper Discovery “Poof!” Post Pepper.” 


Family Guy screen cap of doctor pointing at charge that reads from top to bottom, “Average. Retarded. Peter. Creationists.” 


Why are Christians always so poorly represented during academic debates? Because they are academic debates.” 


“I like to imagine that, at some point in our history, a curious astronomer pointed his telescope towards the stars, expecting to find god … yet what he saw instead, was that much more amazing.” 

Remember that time you were in that car wreck and almost died but we saved your life and you told everyone it was God? You’re a dick. 


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