@NakedPastor David Hayward sings the hits

David Hayward, the naked pastor, update on Facebook reads, “God loves everybody but gays, divorced, unmarried sexers, liberals, atheists, other religions, not born-agains… geez, who’s left?”

The responses range, and you can read them above. The “God loves everyone but hates what they do” shit has got to stop.

I mean really.

That’s the best belief has had for 30 some years. For their god’s sake, stop that shit. It’s stupid.

Believers make their god out to be a petty, powerless child rather than a strong, glorified leader. We follow their lead on the perception of god. It’s no wonder we are perceived to have no respect.

Neither do many of his believers.

It’s Caturday!

Today’s caturday is brought to you by the feline in the above video. Whoever he or she is, he or she is able to meow perfectly between the breaks in the song.

Yesterday, my sister-in-law shared that she loved two videos for how they make her laugh. My wife got ahold of them, and I swear she watched them no less than a hundred trillion times.

The above video is a combination of the two videos found below the fold.

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