What does a “NO” from God really mean?

It pains me to be reminded that I believed this very thing as a Christian.

Think about it. There are several scriptures that say, “Ask, and you shall receive.” There are no caveats for agreements or how god says, “Not now” things are going to lead to something better.

The bible doesn’t say that his timing and vision aren’t your vision.

And despite the bible’s clarity, apologies must be made left and right for why god is such a letdown.

These kinds of things didn’t lead directly to disbelief, but they heavily contributed.

God clearly doesn’t have the same vision that I ever had, so with lots of good luck –like so many people have — and lots of hard work, like so many people do, I got here.

Am I where I want to be? Not really.

So I’m pushing further.

I’m not waiting for my prayers to be answered.

I’m making them get answered.

I suggest the same to you.

The time you spend on your knees, that’s more time you could be out getting stuff done.

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