It’s Wednesdog!


Okay, it might be late, but today’s Wednesdog is brought to you by a super wonky picture of Talulah.

But as you can see, it was well worth the wait and the wonkiness. What a cute freaking pup.

That’s not lipstick making her mouth red, but I know it makes you want to kiss her.

I hope you had a gorgeous Wednesdog and you humped somebody or something at some point today.




Oh, how they lie to you using Photoshop

; Earlier today, I posted the above photo to Facebook and I wrote:

Hey guys, we did a quick sitting with Bill Whitmire yesterday. We needed to rush a photo to someone for a presentation we’re doing in Oct. We wanted to clog your feed with us two cheeseballs. Nothing says sincere salesy like the double head tilt.

I posted it partly because I wanted to see what kind of reaction it would get from our friends and family. It appeared to be quite a hit. Which made me feel good about submitting it to represent us for a talk we’re giving in baltimore next month. We’ve talked on the blog about the benefits of Photoshop, and since this is our photo, I feel comfortable showing you how Photoshop is almost essential to even regular, everyday men and women. I’m posting the rest of this below the fold, because I want you to open up the photo (click on it) and see if you can spot all that’s “fake” about the image. Then go through my notes and see if you were right. Go ahead. Giver ‘er a whirl.

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The deeper this country sinks, the more people jump on the Obama bandwagon. It doesn’t make sense?

I saw an update on facebook that reads, “the lower the country sinks the higher obama’s approval rating gets….what the fuck is wrong with this country?”

Grammar aside, that’s a profound statement.


I mean, surely a little over half of America couldn’t be smart enough to figure out that Romney is clearly the better choice to lead this country.

Clearly, everyone else are idiots. And Rosalind here, she’s got the system beat.

The other day, I wrote a poorly edited email to my dad about a seminar we photographed last week. In the email, I tried to explain that I had the privilege of sitting in on a symposium delivered by the top 1% to the top 1% on how to get more business from the 1%.

What was clear was that the 1% at this meeting of five speakers and over 150 industry leaders in architecture, business, banking, interior design and building was that the economy is better than it was just under four years ago when the current administration took office.

It’s thanks to the leadership that’s currently there, and if the administration changes, prepare for some more volatility in the markets. A steady upswing is a better upswing.

These are the horses talking to horses.

Socially, I’m sure the person who wrote the update above and people like her are at their wits’ ends. Maybe.

Or maybe I’m wrong. And all those stupid bankers, business leaders and money lovers are idiots, too.

Maybe we’re all on a train headed for a cliff with no tracks going over it.

Yes, I’m sure Obama’s vision is to take us with him. You can tell he’s Satan by the horns and pitchfork.

Demonization is unbecoming.

Giving back to the community

by Tina Louise

Tina is volunteering her time with a local school that teaches its students not only the educational basics, but the basics in farming, agriculture and self sustainability.

She’s on a committee that is going to throw a fundraiser for the school.

The students at this school grow a lot of their own food in a garden on their grounds. They keep hens for eggs. They aren’t allowed to have sugary foods, snacks or soda.

Next to the hooks for their bags, the students have a hole to place their reusable water bottles that they are required to keep.

When it’s a child’s birthday, they don’t celebrate with a cake. They have fresh fruits and low-sugar treats.

The school generates so little trash that their trash pickup is only twice a month.

As business owners and as active parts of our communities, we feel it’s necessary to contribute our time and resources to causes like these, and it makes me proud Tina’s chosen this one.

Education for sustainability

Tina’s last meeting, she took the train downtown. On the way, she said she sat beside an older African American gentleman.

“He had the kindest face,” Tina told me. “I wanted to take his picture. I wanted to take him home with me.”

During the train ride, a young, white man entered through the doors that divide one car from the other. It’s quite common. He was shaved bald, tattooed and looked like a gang member.

With his head buried in his chest, he shouted out to everyone, “I don’t know if anyone’s listening to me, but I got kicked out of my house. I’m homeless and I need help. My dad’s an alcoholic and he thinks I’m a piece of shit,” the kid said.

The spiel was longer. The kids said he lives in a train station. He said he wants to buy a bus ticket to his cousin’s house who lives outside the city. It’s $18, but he can’t afford it.

“If anyone’s listening, and you’re probably not, because I’m a stupid piece of shit … I just need some money if you can spare it.”

Tina said his self deprecation was heart breaking.

The gentleman beside Tina got up after the young man finished his speech and walked over to him. Tina watched on as the man whispered to the kid for a few moments. The kid nodded his head and the man turned and sat back down by Tina.

Without asking, the gentleman explained to her that he has seen the same kid on the train several times. And more than once, he told the kid that he could call 311, and they would connect him to a social services organization that would pay for him to take a bus to his cousin’s house.

“As long as there is a person on the receiving end that can vouch for that location, they will purchase the ticket for him,” explained the man.

Safety nets

The gentleman told Tina that he knows this information from experience. He also explained to Tina that he was once homeless himself. He explained he fought his own demons. He’s not proud of it, but if it weren’t for the safety nets available to him, he wouldn’t have been able to get off the streets, out of the gutter, and clean himself up.

Now he’s got a job. And he’s a kind soul who wants to give back.

Referring to the kid on the train, the gentleman told Tina, “I’ve told him this information several times. He doesn’t want help. He wants money.”

I want money, too. Don’t you? 

The whole idea of welfare and government handouts is a personal one for me.

I have (at least) two family members who qualify as disabled who accept government help. These same family members live with their parents, and their parents are vocally conservative and anti-Obama. And yet, if it weren’t for these government institutions, the quality of my loved ones’ lives would be much poorer.

This is the weirdest cognitive dissonance in the world to me.

How many hundreds of thousands of people benefit from government help? Not everyone has parents and family who can house people like my family. Many need housing on top of the food stamps and disability.

It is my honor and my duty to live in a country where opportunity extends through the poorest among us.

Does the corporate executive deserve the fortuitous life of $500 dinners or even $10,000 dinners supporting their favorite politician while my family members can barely afford a TV dinner, a new outfit or a gift to give their loved ones?

Grace should be extended to everyone. Regardless of if they’re on drugs, destitute, or not willing.

It makes me sick that the most vocal voices I know that advocate grace for all, especially the downtrodden, emit from the liberal side.

Tough love, conservatives say.

Tough love is a camouflage for indolence and disdain.


This FOX News prankster made me laugh

Earlier this week, some kid named Max Rice scored a broadcast interview with the anchor who likes to play dumb despite her elitist education, Gretchen Carlson.

Rice played the role of a dumb fuck so well that it made me feel way uncomfortable.

The video got pulled this week, but Tina found a re-posting of it this morning at

The accompanying article is pretty interesting as well, since Rice says he’s a liberal, but his father is a FOX News loving conservative.

Something about that rings a bell with me.

The greatest line in the article is:

“That’s the funny thing, I’m right (wing), so I don’t necessarily agree with him politically on many issues. But I still love him, he’s my son,” Mark Rice said. “If you know him, you love him and you know he’s always very creative and often times funny, so you never know what to expect.”

That rung a bell, too.

Thanks, Tina!

Don’t you know? The devil is the master of writing on papyrus. Dumbasses.

That filthy liberal rag, the NYTimes, published an article about a scrap of papyrus from 300 BC AD, before several of the New Testament books were written, that has words in order like, “Jesus said to them, ‘My wife…” among other sacrilegious nonsense.

I mean, don’t they know that everyone was named Jesus back then, and it could be referring to anyone?

And anyone’s wife.

The devil is a crafty beaver, don’t you think?

He’s constantly trying to confuse us with contradictory ideas.

Josephus only wrote about Jesus Christ, who was an unmarried, miserable God wretch.

Or something.

Besides, if Jesus were sexually active or married it would destroy almost 2000 years of The Catholic tradition of celibacy and frequent sex with children.

Gosh guys, if one doctrine is full of crap, what does that mean for the other doctrines we love to throw in others faces?

Let’s bind together to reject this flimsy piece of devil papyrus!

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