Don’t you know? The devil is the master of writing on papyrus. Dumbasses.

That filthy liberal rag, the NYTimes, published an article about a scrap of papyrus from 300 BC AD, before several of the New Testament books were written, that has words in order like, “Jesus said to them, ‘My wife…” among other sacrilegious nonsense.

I mean, don’t they know that everyone was named Jesus back then, and it could be referring to anyone?

And anyone’s wife.

The devil is a crafty beaver, don’t you think?

He’s constantly trying to confuse us with contradictory ideas.

Josephus only wrote about Jesus Christ, who was an unmarried, miserable God wretch.

Or something.

Besides, if Jesus were sexually active or married it would destroy almost 2000 years of The Catholic tradition of celibacy and frequent sex with children.

Gosh guys, if one doctrine is full of crap, what does that mean for the other doctrines we love to throw in others faces?

Let’s bind together to reject this flimsy piece of devil papyrus!

Read more here.

4 thoughts on “Don’t you know? The devil is the master of writing on papyrus. Dumbasses.

  1. Just a minor detail but the papyrus was dated to approximately the 4th century A.D. not BC.

    Your point still stands though.

    1. Thanks. I made the update.

      I probably should have used CE.

      I liked Jason Kottke’s remark:

      The article says the papyrus is “probably genuine” but I wouldn’t rule out a forgery financed by Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code fortune.

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