Gotta reblog! Joe My God: Fox News Spent The Day Lying


Tina and I spent the entire day downtown at a multimedia photo shoot. I’m worn out, logging film and footage.

Simultaneously, I’m catching up on my blog list.

When I stopped by Joe My God, there was a post about FOX News using a three-year old photo of Barack Obama with a Pirate, and explained that Obama had time to sit down with a Pirate and not deal with world affairs.


FOX News is a news embarrassment.

Joe My God posted the below video and wrote:

All morning today Fox News used a 2009 photo to claim that the president met with a pirate yesterday rather than address the Middle East situation with the prime minister of Israel. Obama posed for the photo three years ago as part of a joke sequence for that year’s White House Press Correspondents Dinner, which, of course, was attended by Fox News. Yesterday the Obama campaign tweeted the photo as a “Talk Like A Pirate Day” joke with the caption: “Arrrr You In?”  Fox’s story rocketed around the internet courtesy of closeted homosexual Matt Drudge. Fox finally tweeted a “correction” this afternoon.



World Battleground, 1000 years of war in 5 minutes

Stick around to the 1900s when Europe lights up off and on for 50 years.

kolomaire on Oct 22, 2008

For the new project, please visit
This animation shows all important battles that took place over the last ten centuries. The sizes of the explosions and labels are proportional to the number of casualties. The music is “Ride Of The Valkyries” by Richard Wagner. The data comes from the wikipedia article, List of Battles.
Most of the activity seems to happen in Europe, this is because the english wikipedia was used. In a future release of this video I will merge wikipedias in different languages to solve this bias.

Via Kottke

Why aren’t glory-day Republicans fighting for the 1956 version of their platform?

Remember when lots of Republicans repeated over and over how they want to get back to the glory days of old, when things were simpler. Morals were rich with Christian spirit and understanding. Family was the core and the foundation of society.

You know, back in the 50s.

This declaration of the Republican Party Platform in 1956 is a must read for all those yahoos.

Among the many standout parts:

On its Centennial, the Republican Party again calls to the minds of all Americans the great truth first spoken by Abraham Lincoln: “The legitimate object of Government is to do for a community of people whatever they need to have done but cannot do at all, or cannot so well do, for themselves in their separate and individual capacities. But in all that people can individually do as well for themselves, Government ought not to interfere.”

Our great President Dwight D. Eisenhower has counseled us further: “In all those things which deal with people, be liberal, be human. In all those things which deal with people’s money, or their economy, or their form of government, be conservative.”



I can’t find any information to back this guy up



I woke up this morning at around 3:30 and couldn’t sleep.

When this happens, I pick up my phone and read through Facebook and my email. That’s when I came across the above update.

This person has alluded to the idea that Obama’s apology is partly to blame for the violence against the U.S. and it’s to blame for the perception of our country appearing weak.

He also said that the filmmaker, Sam Bacile, the director of that now famous video has been arrested.

I could find no indication that he has been arrested. I also found that the movie is a full-length, and what’s going around the internet is a 13-minute trailer of sorts.

I looked up Obama apologizing, to which I found only explanations for how Obama hasn’t apologized. He has condemned the violence, the upheaval of violence, but never apologized for it. He never expressed “I’m sorry.” “I apologize.” or “I regret.” Not in any sense that he’s apologizing for the U.S.

One web site talked about this idea of apologizing stems from a trend in the conservative discussion, but bares no credibility in real discussion.

And there’s this interview with Laura Ingraham and Matt Lauer that seems to be the sentiment in Cliff’s Notes terms about the discussion. Lauer points out that there is strength with honesty in his speeches, and Ingraham takes the high road and blames him for not doing/saying enough.

What am I to make of the update above? This comes from a man who has served his country through military service. His father served. He is a patriot.

Do I  have all the information wrong? Or does he?

Sometimes I get the feeling that people think I think I know everything. Or I’m staunch in my position. I’d like to think I’m open to the information.

You can think whatever you want.

But if I can’t find anything to back up the guy’s statement above, what good is it?

It’s hilarious that Christians keep returning to the crucifix immersed in urine. That happened back when I was in middle school. The protests were crazy. Maybe not violent, because we’re more advanced than Islamic culture.

I like to see people’s passion.

I just wish I could find the information to support this guy’s point of view.

Can anyone help with that?

I’m posting the text of the update below the fold.

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Romney: If my grandkids were gay, “I’d want them to be happy”


In the same clip above, Romney says his kids are married so he’d be surprised if they were gay.

That’s interesting. It’s somewhat naive.

I have no statistics, but I’ve talked to my brother-in-law and he says that a lot of hookups at gay bars are with married men who are out for the night. Sometimes they’re in another city. Sometimes they’re horny.

But regardless, good for Romney to do a townhall thing with Univision.