Gotta reblog! Joe My God: Fox News Spent The Day Lying


Tina and I spent the entire day downtown at a multimedia photo shoot. I’m worn out, logging film and footage.

Simultaneously, I’m catching up on my blog list.

When I stopped by Joe My God, there was a post about FOX News using a three-year old photo of Barack Obama with a Pirate, and explained that Obama had time to sit down with a Pirate and not deal with world affairs.


FOX News is a news embarrassment.

Joe My God posted the below video and wrote:

All morning today Fox News used a 2009 photo to claim that the president met with a pirate yesterday rather than address the Middle East situation with the prime minister of Israel. Obama posed for the photo three years ago as part of a joke sequence for that year’s White House Press Correspondents Dinner, which, of course, was attended by Fox News. Yesterday the Obama campaign tweeted the photo as a “Talk Like A Pirate Day” joke with the caption: “Arrrr You In?”  Fox’s story rocketed around the internet courtesy of closeted homosexual Matt Drudge. Fox finally tweeted a “correction” this afternoon.



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