Unicycle Freestyle #devinsupertramp

It’s no mystery, I love these videos from Devin Super Tramp. And this one following guys doing unicycle tricks is no exception.

Wow. Just wow.

Do yourself a favor. Give the video a watch or two. You won’t be disappointed.

I also love the illustrative-style photography he is using to promote his videos.

Here’s one below for the video above:

Photo by John Rossi

What I don’t appreciate about Devin Super Tramp is that when he posted this photo on Facebook, the first comment was negative toward the photo. It said something like, “Love the concept, hate the photography.”

The comment was deleted.

I’m going to talk about this more, but the point of social media is the interactive quality of no-holds-barred commenting.

Okay, maybe not no-holds. But transparency and expression of opinion is key to a great social media campaign.

You might think, “Well, you’re such a jerk to some people who express their opinion.”

And you’d be right. I’m assuming that people don’t mind when I act the fool. If I retaliate to a comment, I’m hoping that the commenter can hold his or her own.

Or maybe I’m doing it wrong.

But I’m going to talk about this more soon.

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