Let’s talk about phone etiquette

You and I know that the world has exploded with more ways to communicate than ever before.

The phone is still a valid option, but there is email and social media, as well as texting and video messaging. Several things happened just today that remind me that the world needs to be sat down and given exciting instructions on the dos and don’ts of communication etiquette.

Let me give you a couple scenarios:

Scenario One. You and I have a verbal, face-to-face conversation about a business idea. We talk it through pretty well, and I say, “Awesome, sounds like we have an agreement. I’ll drop you an email as a followup.” I follow up within 15 minutes with an email explaining what we talked about. I included my phone number and all my contact info.  You respond to the email — just 20 minutes after a verbal, face to face — and write, “I’m not comfortable with this anymore, please call me when you get this email.”

So let me get this straight. We have a verbal conversation to which we’re clear about what we’re talking about. You get an email from me debriefing our conversation. And instead of using the phone number at the bottom of my email to call me, you say, “call me.”

This is not the first person who has had the nerve to take the time to write out an email that says, “Call me when you get this.”

News flash, “Call me when you get this” is 25 characters including spaces. My phone number is 10 digits and likely programed into your phone. In that case, it would be pushing a couple buttons.

Assholery, thy first name is rude. Thy middle name is lazy mother fucker.

Scenario Two. My phone rung this morning with an Ontario number which I’ve never seen. The voice on the other end says, “Hey, did you have a great time at the show?” I said, “Um, sure. I photograph a lot of shows. I’m not sure which one you’re referring to. And also, I don’t know to whom I’m speaking.”

The guy didn’t address that I didn’t know who I was talking to. He just laughed and said, You know, the photo you took in our space.

“Okay,” I said. “I shoot in a lot of spaces. Were you at [insert name of market]?”

“Yes,” he said.

“And what booth were you?”

“We were XX booth. You know [insert indecipherable words].”

What’s my beef with this conversation?

One, please don’t call me and assume I know who and where you are coming from. Tell me who you are and what company you represent. Don’t make jokes like we were in ‘Nam together. And secondly, please call the right person. Come to find out, the guy mistook me for someone else. He called me when he should have called someone else.

Maybe your view of etiquette is different from mine. Maybe you email people to tell them to call you. And maybe you make a point not to tell people who you are on the phone.

Well, let me join the growing list of people that will call you an asshole. You have no respect for others and their time. You have a problem, and I suggest the possibility of needing mental health support, you big piece of crap.

Hoola Hipnosis is real, and it’s coming to a free community concert near you

The rise in hoola hoop girls has been on the uppity up since George Dubya left office in 2008.

You may have noticed them before, but the rate of increase since oh eight  is growing in exponential force.

Just recently, a hoola hooper approached me at a music festival and asked if I would help her do a video to promote herself as a hoolahoop girl.

I’m not sure why she needed a professional photographer. She just needs a video camera, a hot pair of pants and a dude to shoot it.

Anyway, this video is making its rounds on the Internet, and if you press play, and you like women, you may wonder why you can’t stop watching.

I need your help. Yes, yours. And yours, too

Okay, look at the above image.

Go ahead.

Click it to open it larger.

Background, we created this image as an idea to represent us in a print ad. We thought it would show our creativity.

I don’t want to spoil your response by telling you too much more. But, I need to know what you think.

Even if you don’t usually leave comments, I need you to stick your neck out and leave a response. Critical or not.

Do it!


It’s Wednesdog!

This week’s Wednesdog is brought to you by regular-reading close-ass friend since we were, like, seven-years old, Aaron.

Aaron sends you this picture of what appears to be the laziest dogs on earth.

But you’d be mistaken.

This is the result of an 8-mile hike on the Uwharrie Trail in North Carolina. Unlike many hiking locations in this part of the country, there are no moving sidewalk style escalator things to alleviate the walk’s difficulty.

These two pups are anything but barking. I’m quite sure they’re content holding the ground from ascending into the atmosphere should a tornado strike in the next hours after this photo was taken.