I need your help. Yes, yours. And yours, too

Okay, look at the above image.

Go ahead.

Click it to open it larger.

Background, we created this image as an idea to represent us in a print ad. We thought it would show our creativity.

I don’t want to spoil your response by telling you too much more. But, I need to know what you think.

Even if you don’t usually leave comments, I need you to stick your neck out and leave a response. Critical or not.

Do it!


4 thoughts on “I need your help. Yes, yours. And yours, too

  1. Interesting image, Jeremy

    I wish the overall decor of the kitchen were lighter to make all the subjects wearing dark clothes pop.

    I like the idea of capturing movement, but the chef has 3 right arms and only 2 left arms. His expression should really be towards the food and not like he’s trying to slice a rogue fly around his head.
    I like the food flying above the cutting board, but it looks like a patten on his shirt rather than in motion.

    The shadow under you on the pizza cutter are a bit inconsistent. You may be able to get away with it with a faster dissolve of the wheel’s shadow on the right. All in all, it’s hard to think of the light source from that angle.

    I like the girl stuck in the microwave, but it took me a while to notice her.

    Hope it helps!

  2. Thanks, guys!

    This feedback is very helpful.

    I was thinking about taking the extra arms out to avoid a spider arm look.

    All in all, I’m thinking that the image’s original purpose may get backburned and that we’ll need to go another route as we’re on a deadline.

    But if anyone else jumps in with comments, they’ll be used for when we do release the image again on our pro site.

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