Yeah, but, they weren’t anonymous. Their names are on the books!

Meme reads: “150 years of verifiable scientific evidence: it’s just a theory. Ancient texts written by anonymous authors full of historical discrepancies, forgeries and errors: irrefutable and inspired fact.” 

If you talk to any warm-blooded, well-read believer, there are no discrepancies, errors or contradictions in the bible. They just aren’t there. If you see them, it’s because you’re reading it wrong. “Demons” or disease? It’s just a matter of context. Whales swallowing humans for three days and throwing them up in tact, unharmed (for the most part), you need to read it in context of whales used to have less strength in their digestive juices. Supernatural strength that is based on the length of a man’s hair, hair used to have super powers for a minuscule percentage of the population.

Just because those things don’t happen anymore, doesn’t mean they didn’t happen 3,000 years ago.

What are you, stupid?

Thanks, MJ!

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