Back to the grind

This weekend is one of the busiest we’ve had in a long time.

I shot a wedding on Friday, one yesterday, a runway last night and this morning another runway and then a tradeshow. Tonight I am photographing Ben Folds Five at Chicago theater.

Holy crap.

Ben Folds is actually from my neck of the woods, which is always cool.

Once, circa 1999, I drove up to Michigan from North Carolina with my brother for some kind of family reunion or funeral. Along the way, he pulled out a CD and said, “You gotta listen to this band we opened up for last week.” It was the first album from Ben Folds Five, and we probably listened to it five times on the way up.

I’ve seen them live a couple times, but it’ll be cool to actually photograph them.

We have some time this afternoon that I will show up around here, so check back really often. 🙂