Peeeeeeeeeeee-hee-hee-hee Per Deeee-hee-hee #305

Doom Taco by Biodork

Tonight is a very special Photo Per Day project publishing. It celebrates that ghoulish time when Satan comes to earth and tricks children into dressing up for his evil purposes.


Only 60 days left till New Years. Make sure you figure out where you’re celebrating.

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Ah, hump no! It’s a Halloweeny Wednesdog!


Talulah decided she wanted Wednesdog today. She came up with her costume herself. She’s a nerdy Quiet Company fan.

After all, she completely agrees with all the lyrics on We are all where we belong.

And man, is she rocking that costume.

What are your ghoulish plans today? What are you dressing up as?

I think I’ll wear a mullet, put some tape on my glasses, wear my Quiet Company T-shirt and hang out with Lu all night.

I put some other shots of Talulah that didn’t make the cut below the fold for you to look at. Which one’s your favorite?

Clicking any of them enlarges them!
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Happy Halloween!

My photography partner Bill Whitmire has been plotting and planning this image above for a long time. We’ve had conversations about it for over a year.

I love how it turned out so much. So freaking cool.

The model owns the werewolf he used in the background, and he photographed the set by making a miniature.

The finished image is ghoulish and evil!

I wish I would have been in town for the shoot!

Oh no! You’re giving four-year-old Abigael false hopes

In the short clip above, Abigael expresses her unhappiness for election season. She’s tired of “Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney.”

Doesn’t mommy know that if Bronco wins, in the wise words of skinny-ass Karen Carpenter, we’ve only just begun.

The bitch machine, regardless of the winner, is going to be one loud monster wreaking more damage than Sandy ever did.

Way more.




Oh Franklin Graham. Can anyone point me toward similar, fear-based, liberal fervency?

@Franklin_Graham @SamaritansPurse

English: Franklin and Billy Graham, in Clevela...
English: Franklin and Billy Graham, in Cleveland Stadium, in Cleveland Ohio, in June 1994 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to Franklin Graham — that bastion of playground mentality — he says that the voting for the wrong person on November 6 could bring the demise of this great nation.

Read his words here.

“This could be America’s last call.”

This could be

Yet, correct me if I’m wrong, this same person and his slew of followers believe that God is in control. Complete control.

Utter control.

Supernatural control.

But not enough control to keep Bill Clinton out of office for eight years and not enough control to keep Obama out for at least four.

But otherwise, he’s in control!

So if mankind doesn’t do what Franklin says to do, and purportedly, what his father says to do … Christians are going to lose their freedoms … and the end of the world date will be pushed up.

Let’s talk about this for a second.

Christians will lose their freedom to not let their flock have access to abortions or to the possibility of a same sex couple marrying.

If a same-sex couple married, a Christian loses his freedom to do what? To tell others they can’t marry?

What freedom is lost?

If a person thinks drinking alcohol is immoral, and they shop in a grocery store that sells alcohol, have they lost their freedom to stay out of the alcohol aisle?

This is the gaping hole in “Free Will.” Believers scream all day long about your free will to choose god or not … but just know that the freedom of free will is not free … you’re going to pay that price, bitches … in HELL.

Bum bum bah!!!!

And abortion. If it’s available to people who aren’t bound by Fundie Christian thought, they can have the freewill to choose it. But just know, that freedom will cast you straight in the pits of hell.

So who cares? Franklin and his family and friends … they’re all going to heaven. They’ve won. Who cares if a million more people roast in hell. More tea and strumpets for you.

More sexy angels to lust after.

The fact is, Christians have all the freedoms the rest of us have. They can teach, guide and counsel their families and friends to their form of morality. They can inform the world about the supernatural responses to others and their “sins”.

But just like I can’t take a Christian’s freedom away to believe that, they can’t take my freedom away to believe otherwise.

This fear mongering about “God” and his supposed response, it renders their god a joke. It renders him weak.

Seriously. Here’s Graham in his own words:

There’s still time to turn from our wicked ways so that He might spare us from His wrath against sin.

And Franklin is the first person to show you a flaccid god and tell you how powerful he is.

We’re not impressed.

Either he’s all powerful, and you bask in that glory by living by that glorious example. Or you prove how inept that god is by screaming about what he wants while “He” continues in perpetual quiet.

Someone please, please show me the liberal equivalent to this fear mongering. I need to see it. I need to see a liberal telling people their entire world will be judged by god or God should they vote for the wrong candidate.

I know Christians who believe Obama is the right candidate. Does that mean they’re possessed by Satan?

Garsh, spit-ding, let’s hope not!

Sandy brings us three steps closer to the apocalypse!

The above photo was taken at Avenue C on the lower East side in Manhattan. Wow, right?

See the original on Instagram here.

If you’re like me, you’ve been watching the Internets with great curiosity as Sandy unfolded its powerful arms and unleashed the giant storm onto the northeast.

As she used her fire-hose powered water cannons protruding from her mile-wide nipples and sprayed water and winds over the northeast.

I’m no bible scholar, but I get the feeling — from an ignorant reading of biblical text — that the apocalyptic end of the world is coming soon.

Every second. Every minute. Every hour. Every week. 

Every month.

Every year.

Every two years.

Every decade.

Every … shit … what comes between decade and millennia?

Centurion ski boats?

All I know is, the more time that passes between Jesus’s promise and a cataclysmic storm like Sandy … excuse me … a providentially-predicted storm like Sandy … we get closer to the almighty return.

We don’t know the hour. We don’t know the place.

But we do know that “this generation” — this one right now! — will not pass before Jesus returns.

Even so, when you see these things happening, you know that it[d] is near, right at the door. 30 Truly I tell you, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened. 31 Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.

Keep in mind, it might be the next generation, just in case this one passes and the next one starts.

But be ready!

It’s coming. And perfectly natural disasters are ushering us closer and closer to the pending apocalypse.

By the way, I am not relieved that Cindy Jacob’s prayers were unanswered.

That means only one thing.

We are alone.

While Jesus is trying to beat Ba’al’s Angry Birds score.





Image via JMG