Let’s brighten our day a bit, shall we

I saw this some time back, I can’t remember where. It’s art that some child did for his/her mom.

It reads that the kid loves mom more than rainbows, blue skies, buttercups and butterflies. The last line, “I love you more than … cow.” There’s a crayon drawing of a cow below that.

I’m pretty sure I love my mom (and dad) more than cow too.

And I’m superior, because I can draw better than this lame little kid. 🙂

How cute is that.

Politics have gotten out of hand

English: Michelle Obama with Carla Bruni-Sarkozy
English: Michelle Obama with Carla Bruni-Sarkozy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently, I was working at an event and had my video camera with me.


A gentleman approached me and asked me what kind of camera I was using. I told him. We geeked out for about 5 minutes.


Apparently, the guy owns his own retail business, and instead of using pros to photograph product and make videos featuring his stuff, he does it himself. He learned how to make backdrops and use gear, saving him lots of money.


This scenario is right up my alley, as we’re working on a presentation about doing promotions yourself using the current onslaught of modern technology. At no time has it been easier to use what’s available to get your message out there.


It’s both scary and easy.


As we were talking, the guy told me about how active he is with using social media. Recently, he saw that Michelle Obama bought a pair $100 earrings available at his store. So he posted that even Mrs. Obama found these earrings lovely enough to buy.


Well, the Facebook posting went shitstorm with politically-driven comments and he said he could watch the “likes” on his page drop before his eyes.


In acts of solidarity, other people made special trips to his store to buy a pair of the earrings out of solidarity to the business.


This man’s post wasn’t politically charged, but somehow we now associate the wives of political figures with their spouse’s politics and the simple act of buying a product as a politically-charged event.

I can’t say that I’m surprised. But it’s definitely silly.