Oh the presidential debate. That murderous, evil, bird-killing debate

Seen on that damn thing, the facebook.

I know you guys would love to have my live blog of tonight’s debate, but I couldn’t because I was at a condo meeting.

I’m watching the debate now from the beginning and I lean toward Obama as the stronger candidate.

My facebook and twitter feeds agree.

But Tina’s facebook doesn’t.

So who’s going to win?

Romney isn’t tanking, for sure. He’s actually somewhat likable in the first 30 minutes. His zingers are lame, and his “compassionate eyes” are nauseating.

Romney’s not a leader. He’s an actor. He’s taking too many notes from his actor idol, Ronnie Reagan.

I’ll update more in another post.


3 thoughts on “Oh the presidential debate. That murderous, evil, bird-killing debate

  1. I disagree. His head hung pretty low a few times. And he just didn’t have command of the stage. Romney 1 / Obama 0.

    1. Marching over the moderator doesn’t indicate “command of the stage.” It indicates a lack of public interest and an ignorance of etiquette.

      I saw the videos released by the Republicans, too with Obama’s “head hung low.”

      Funny how being told how to think and coming to one’s own conclusion is missed by you.

    2. One more thing.

      To be specific, it’s Romney’s performance 1 / Obama’s performance 0.

      As for their content, the score is nil nil.

      Both of these guys are in dire need of a kick in the ass.

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