Glenn Beck: Mormon prayer works waaaaaaaaaay better than all other leading brands

Did you know that Mormon prayer to the Mormon God works way better than Christian, Jewish or Muslim prayers to their versions of the similar — but different — deity?

Prayer-filled taste tests cannot be proven wrong.

Glenn Beck says that his prayers work answered.

I said some words of hope over the weekend, and they worked remarkably well, too. Does that mean the non-god of atheism is just as effective?

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Representative Jon Hubbard drags the view of Republicans to all new, tragic low


Do you like the smell of napalm in the morning? Because I feel like my mind was just blown by Max Brantley’s ArkTimes blog:

You can’t make this stuff up.

There’s also Rep. Jon Hubbard of Jonesboro, famously unhinged, who’s put some of his choicest thoughts on paper in a book available on Amazon, “Letters to the Editor: Confessions of a Frustrated Conservative.” I’d heard a lot about this book and was talking to Lindsey Millar this morning about ordering a copy. But Michael Cook at Talk Business has already written about some choice excerpts. I confess that publicizing thoughts such as these might only serve to encourage the Republican voter base. But the truth will set someone free. Excerpts selected by Cook and others:

Slavery was good for black people:

“… the institution of slavery that the black race has long believed to be an abomination upon its people may actually have been a blessing in disguise. The blacks who could endure those conditions and circumstances would someday be rewarded with citizenship in the greatest nation ever established upon the face of the Earth.” (Pages 183-89)

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Sick of slathering ketchup and mustard from your lunch on your keyboard and mouse? Controlling your computer through eye control is the answer!

From Pandodaily:

PredictGaze is software that turns the camera on ordinary computing devices into a sophisticated eye-tracking technology. Reading a book on your iPad and want to turn the page? Just look down at the bottom right-hand corner. Watching a smart TV and want to see what’s on the other channel? Direct your gaze at a corner of the screen. Reading a long article on your iPhone? The story will scroll down as your eye moves down the page. You can even play “Pong” using only your eyes to zip your paddle back and forward.

I regret not making a masturbation reference in the title, but I hope you can picture how awesome this feature could be when needing to move down a web page while working it.