Failed porn actors try their hand at pretending to be possessed by … dumb dumb dumb … Lucifer!

How is it that you can only find demon possession with names like the ones in the Christian bible in Christian churches? Why aren’t more hospitals overrun with demon possession instead of churches?

Why doesn’t Santa exist for poor children in every country and only in rich areas of rich countries?

Why aren’t rednecks with no teeth getting subsidized by the tooth fairy?

About the video:


“Drake” was “looking for God”. So, he went and had a Druid ritual performed on him. He didn’t find “God”, but he found the demons of “Lucifer”, “Witchcraft”, “Ahab”, and “Jezebel”. Drake’s demon even asked Bob to get rid of Jezebel! It’s rare that a demon asks to get rid of another demon!
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