Atheism isn’t predicated on whether evolution is true or not

The headline above is probably not a new thought, but it keeps going through my mind.

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Atheism isn’t predicated on whether evolution is true or not

Evolution could be completely false. It could be the biggest ruse in the world. And if it turned up false, I wouldn’t find myself lost without direction or self-comprehension.

I’m not an atheist, because of the Theory of Evolution or the Big Bang.

I’m an atheist, because I have reviewed what the world has to show me, the universe, the bible, and I’ve come to the understanding that the bible isn’t all that great. The Jesus story, or the gospel, isn’t what it is purported to be.

If the best of what belief has to offer is what has been presented, disbelief is more satisfying.

Given the choice to believe or not, I choose disbelief. It’s simple.

I’m not sure other atheists sit around and think, “Gosh, I want to be wrong.”

I’d love to be wrong.

To have the supernatural creator of the universe to help me find my car keys, heal me when sick or give me strength when I’m weak would be awesome, right?

Natural causes may point toward evolution and the big bang theories, but whether or not they are factual does not make me a stronger or weaker atheist.

I agree that evolution is the best explanation for life, but it’s not my “opinion” per se. I’m resting my laurels on that which came before me. I’m resting trust — call it faith — in what the professionals have advised.

When a believer claims that he’s being persecuted, dragged through the mud for his “opinions”, and that that qualifies as “bigotry”, I have to question whether bigotry is the right description for the situation.

When believers express their opinions, they are not their opinions, but rather the views that they have grown accustomed to agree with.

When someone says, “I disagree with these things,” why is that offensive? Why should that qualify as bigotry.

Above I wrote, “I’m not an atheist, because of the Theory of Evolution or the Big Bang.”

I’m having trouble coming up with a similar statement for a religiously minded person.

Is it, “I’m not a Christian because of the Gospel”?

Because being a Christian depends on the idea that you agree with Jesus’s life, death and resurrection. You can’t have one without the other.

But being an atheist is predicated on rejecting that statement, as well as any statement that evokes religious connection.

I can reject evolution — even if it were declared a religion — and I would still be an atheist.

If you’re wondering why I chose to write on this topic, I was moved by the discussion I referenced earlier today. Here’s my post. I commented on this blog at TYWKIWDBI.

Mind blown and saddened

I saw the above graphic posted over at TYWKIWDBI, and you can read why Stan posted it here. It’s in reference to the recent comments by Georgia Rep. Paul Broun on evolultion. 

When Minnesotastan posts science topics, I love to read what he includes and comments. He’s got an intellectual scientific mind, and I feel I can always learn something from him.

Well, his readership isn’t nearly as likely to mentor yours truly.

I wish I had more time to write about it, but I wanted to point you toward the comments. I would be proud to see many of you — who might have more time — respond to the odd display of ignorance expressing an intellectualism of creationism.

One commenter is Pastor Brad Williams, a guy who describes himself in third person as:

Brad is like a guy who keeps winning the lottery over and over again because, for some unfathomable reason, Jesus really does love him.

A guy has a good church, nice wife and a family, and that’s his criteria for Jesus loving him?

A guy like Williams doesn’t have one iota of empathy for the reverse of that statement, and for that alone, he loses any credibility with me.

He destroys the very essence of what it means to be a “Christian” to me. If a wife, a church and children are the evidence of a graceful god, then the umpteen millions living in otherwise shitty circumstances renders that same god a moron. And it renders those who point at those things as godly as bigger morons.

God loves Brad Williams sooooooooo much, but not the little African boy with HIV laying on a cot encrusted with flies riddled with disease.

God loves Brad Williams but not the little girl screaming in agony with every thrust of some guy who paid her pimp to have sex with her?

Brad Williams won the lottery. He won the ovarian lottery and brags about it.


I wish god existed and I wish he saved me from his ignorant believers.

Ah, hell nah! Heaven is real … and if your doctor says it, it must be true

Discussion’s over guys. Heaven is real. Newsweek has an exclusive story with one doctor who claims it’s true.

Therefore it is.

Done and done.

Stick a fork in that topic and have a feast.

How come no one ever has NHEs?

Near Hell Experiences?


I mean, except for starving children in America and abroad. Except for battered women with violent husbands. Except for little girls who are raped by men old enough to be their grandfathers.

Except for children who are “friends” with priests who can’t control their libidos.

Not those Near Hell experiences. Ones where the individual goes into a coma and instead of passing toward light and Jesus, they see Satan.

It must be that Satan doesn’t exist!

Weeeeee! See how easy stupid logic is.

More about the cover here and here.