Ah, hell nah! Heaven is real … and if your doctor says it, it must be true

Discussion’s over guys. Heaven is real. Newsweek has an exclusive story with one doctor who claims it’s true.

Therefore it is.

Done and done.

Stick a fork in that topic and have a feast.

How come no one ever has NHEs?

Near Hell Experiences?


I mean, except for starving children in America and abroad. Except for battered women with violent husbands. Except for little girls who are raped by men old enough to be their grandfathers.

Except for children who are “friends” with priests who can’t control their libidos.

Not those Near Hell experiences. Ones where the individual goes into a coma and instead of passing toward light and Jesus, they see Satan.

It must be that Satan doesn’t exist!

Weeeeee! See how easy stupid logic is.

More about the cover here and here.


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