Glory Days! Remember when Obama lost the last debate?

Last week, when Obama lost the debate to Romney, many of us who support Obama said it like it was: Obama lost. Romney won.

On this post, I wrote:

[Obama] wants out so badly, he threw his own chances to win.

So when I wrote last night that Biden trounced Ryan — which he did — a couple of you gave it low stars.

Let me get this straight. I say that Obama lost, no reaction. I say that Biden won, reaction?

The responses I’ve seen this morning criticize Biden for interrupting too much. Were these same people not watching the presidential debate. Both candidates walked all over the moderator and each other.

Reports were made that Romney, in his aggression stomped all over the moderator.

But did that stop me from thinking Romney won?

No. It didn’t. Romney came out swinging.

I don’t care for Romney at all.

But the losers and winners are turning out to be the viewers, who can’t fucking own up, and see the clarity of what happened last night.

When all you care about is your candidates and their associated parties, and not the facts, then you’re the losers.

When all you care about is “hoping” to “change” the outcome with grandiose wishful thinking, you’re the losers.

This is my criticism about the bible. This is my criticism about belief.


Call a spade a — fucking — spade.

Esse Quam — fucking — Videri.


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