Peeper Dee #289

by Tina Louise

Well, sometimes you just have two Peeper Dees. It’s just like that.


Vroom broom! by J-dub

by Biodork
by sunny lee

Our neighbors are complaining about our dogs’ non-stop barking

Tina and I are in NYC until this afternoon.

Yesterday we worked from 9 to 7, shooting three runways and event photography for the entire day. We had a lot of fun, but damn it’s a lot of walking.

Last night, our feet hurt so badly that we could barely get together enough oomph to walk a couple blocks to dinner.



Thanks to Yelp, we found a sushi joint called, “Jing.” I ordered a whiskey on the rocks and Tina ordered a glass of wine. They may have a over-sized soda ban, but NYC doesn’t appear to have size-of-alcohol drink regulation. Tina’s glass of wine was clearly almost double 8 oz and my whiskey tumbler was completely full.

I didn’t mind, but wow.

Our sushi rolls were really good. We had the Mango Tango and the St. Elmo’s Fire.


We come screaming back into Chicago this afternoon. We’ll race to pickup Talulah from “Camp” this evening. We’ll spend a eighteen hours at home before leaving again for the great state of Maryland.

We have a job there until Thursday. I wish it was with John Waters, but the contract furnishings industry will have to suffice.

You’d be surprised at how sexy the up-and-coming designs are for hospital waiting rooms are.

Hopefully, we can sit down enough to rest our feet, those barking dogs that won’t seem to stop.

Blogging will be a bit sparse, but I’ll do my best to keep something up this week.

What are you up to?