Peeper Dee #294

Personal Jesus? by Luis V.

Hell of a turnout for Peeper Dee #294.

I decided that Wednesday’s Peeper Dee is going to be a guessing game. I’ll post all the pictures that are submitted, but you guys have to guess who submitted what.

I’ll play it up more this week. But keep this in mind as you submit. Either try to encapsulate the auteur that you are. Or stray from your usual self.

Either way. The person with the most right answers wins a crisp $5 delivered via US Mail Post. If you’re outside the US, I’ll see if I can afford your countries postage.


by Xina


Fall Cherries by Biodork
by Becky F

by Tina Louise


Vs to the 10th by J-dub
secksy gangnam style socks by sunny lee