An interior on the fly

Here’s an example of an interior we photographed on the fly.

We wonder if our clients know that there are variations of quality that they could achieve with photography. Sometimes you want an interior to be high-end, magazine quality and sometimes you might want some documentation that is high quality, but a little less intimidating in cost.

I wonder. But maybe I shouldn’t show off my secrets and ask for lower-end clientele.

I wonder.




Thanks for standing by

As most of you know, Tina and I have been busy as hell.

We have a full-day shoot tomorrow photographing sexy, sexy architecture. It’s five or six distribution plants and one church. It’s a Lutheran church, so it’s not as bad.

I’ve turned down four concerts over the past few weeks including Morrissey, Norah Jones, R. Kelly and Regina Spektor. And somehow I’m sad I had to say no to each one.

I mean, R. Kelly. How crazy is that.

One story I wanted to tell you about was that on Saturday (the 13th) that we were scheduled to be in NYC (a week and a half ago), we had inadvertently bought plane tickets for P.M. arrival and not A.M. We got to the airport before figuring out our mistake.

Fortunately, we landed a standby seat on an earlier flight.

No problem.


Once we arrived in NYC, we had lunch with Becky F. and Luis V. that day. We talked about all the ways October the 13th was wreaking havoc on our lives. Becky had suffered an injury while running that morning. And there were a few other (super) significant trials we all had to deal with.

That evening, Tina and I wanted to take it easy. We checked into our hotel and ordered food from what we thought was a restaurant about a block or so away on 10th Ave. We were on 11th.

When I arrived, they didn’t have my order and said, you must have called restaurant number 2. They called number 2, but they didn’t have my order either. “You must have called number 1.”

Sure enough, it was number one.

I called Tina, and she called them to cancel. But the guy on the line gave Tina a load of October the 13th hell, so off I went to pick up our order another four or more blocks away in the other direction.

So much for saving my feet for a long day on Sunday.

Be wary of October the 13th, no matter what day it falls on.

You never know what kind of luck is going to wreak havoc on your sweet little day.


NEW MESSAGE: Can anyone explain to me why this post from May is getting so much attention lately? Was Bill Ball in the news? It’s getting big hits, and I can’t figure out why.

Le Café Wittypoots

Church sign from Faith Baptist church in Primrose, GA reads, “Obama is a Pervert. Rom 1:32”.

Roman’s 1:32 reads:

Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.

Keep in mind, the New Testament is the loving part of the bible.

If you go to the church’s website, Pastor Billy Ball is a stand up guy who:

Pastor Ball stands with Pastor Worley!  Here is a challenge to all other Pastors and  Christians to either make the trip to stand with Pastor Worley on Sunday at his church or at least make your voices heard in support of Pastor Worley and God’s Word!

And in another incredibly unthought-out area of the site, it reads:

Dear Sinner friend, please stop and think for a moment about your…

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Mormonism in the Mainstream? by Lawrence M. Krauss

6b8cab287c6e0ad8956ebf.l._v171958072_sl290_20121023-2-yhl0yjFrom this article by Lawrence M. Krauss on Mormonism:

The recent claim of the discovery of an alleged Coptic text that may mention both a wife for Jesus and the suggestion of a woman disciple stirred claims and counterclaims about the early days of Christianity in both the archaeological and theological communities.  Clearly any claim of new insight into the fundamental texts relevant to one of the world’s major religions is significant.

The Provenance of the world’s major religions is clearly of generic interest, but the fact that Mitt Romney is a Mormon has reasonably raised interest among the general populace about the tenets and background of that religion in particular.  As the first Mormon presidential candidate for a major party, he has broken new ground, and as one of the elders in that church, hotel magnate J.W. Marriott. has said, Romney’s candidacy—he has been, after all, a Bishop in the church—is bringing Mormonism into the mainstream.

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Two tweets that might — just might — blow your minds

I loved the tweet above from Glenn Beck that reads, “I’m glad to know that mitt agrees with Obama so much. No, really. Why vote?”

Exactly what I thought last night. Romney painted himself as the next Obama. So why vote for him.

He said he’d need 8 to 10 years to carry out his FIVE-STEP plan. Eight to ten years?!? All that idiot has said on the stump is how Obama has had four long year to carry out his plans, and it’s been too long.

And then Ann Coulter. She’s keeping it classy.

She tweeted, “I highly approve of Romney’s decision to be kind and gentle to the retard.”

“… to the retard”?

“… to the retard”!?!

If that doesn’t change the minds of every red-blooded American with a handicapped loved one to vote for Obama, I don’t know what would.

And where was this sentiment when Obama was a polite pushover in the first debate and everyone said he lost? In other words, conservatives are admitting defeat, it’s just in their own special way.

It’s like Ann and Glenn are doing the work for us.

Thanks, guys!

Oh, religious Facebook memes. How I love you

The meme above reads, “No matter who is president, Jesus is King.”

And we all know how crappy kings are. You’re either in or your out. Kings have a nasty way of expressing leadership through tyranny. And the tyranny of hell is brutal. Do you really think the thought crime of disbelief should result in an eternity of damnation?

Really? That doesn’t sound unconditional to me.

Unconditional with a condition.

I would much rather have the realism of conditional love that Tina offers me. It means she’ll love the heck out of me, but if I do shitty things to her … well, she’s got options.

No one should be forced to love anyone. Hell or high water, you aren’t locked in.

And then there’s the one below with a glorious, outstretched arm Jesus that reads, “I forgive you. Share if you accept me.”

I tell you what. He can forgive me all day long. But I refuse to forgive “Him.” How’s that?

I’m sharing with you because I except, not accept, him.


If you wanna dress up your dog for Halloween, use this as a base level of excellence


Meet Trotter, the fashion forward dog.

These are about the best dog costume shots I’ve seen, mainly because the dog is in the same pose, the same general place and they look great!

Enpundit writes:

Let’s face it, people love dressing up their dogs and with Halloween around the corner, what better excuse? San Francisco-based photographer Sonya Yu has captured some adorable photographs of her one year old French Bulldog named Trotter. Perhaps some of these hilariously adorable outfits can provide some inspiration for your pet costumes. Beyond the Instagram photos of Trotter, Sonya also photographs other cool things around San Francisco and beyond.

Thanks, Bill, for the link!