Finally! We have proof that Satan exists. Phew!

Kelly Fenton (@kellyfen283 ) tweeted, “#MyFirstTime ad by #Obama is similar to an ad #Putin did. They must share the same advisor: #Satan #RussianStyleTactics #tcot”.

Here’s the ad in question.

I love that Kelly Fenton thinks Satan exists. No photos. No video. No proof. But Satan, the enemy of god, exists. Really. And he informs Obama and his supporters how to think.

Wait a minute. That makes me … possessed by Satan.

Unlike Fenton, I have video proof of her existence. And don’t tell anyone, but Jesus Christ makes an appearance in this video, too. If you tell anyone, it will shatter the atheist agenda! So shhhhhhhhhhhhhh.





It’s a Wednesdog followup!

Earlier this week, I received a Wednesdog submission from a guy named Bill without much of an explanation as to who the dogs were and their breeds. I posted it here.

I rec’d a followup email today, and I wanted to give you more information about the dogs and about Bill.

This followup is so worth posting, and I’m going to let Bill tell you why in his own words.


Rocket(L) is a 3 yo Tennessee Brindle coonhound and Kebe (R) is a 5 yo Walker coonhound. I hunt them both. They love chasing furry little creatures. Kebe climbs trees chasing squirrels. I got Kebe from the spca. I was hunting Kebe and he found Rocket abandoned in a cardboard box where we were hunting. I was gonna take Rocket to the shelter the next day…lol. That day has never come. They are so close its amazing. I was getting chemo. I would be depressed and cry. Both of them would lick the tears from my eyes. They would make me get out and walk them. They wouldn’t let me isolate myself. One of them was always with me. If one went to eat or sleep the other was always there with me. I was never alone. They really saved my life. They kept me sane.


Our hearts and hopes go out to Bill. Thanks for this touching submission!



Everyone knows the pen is mightier than the sword … and the bombs

“Militant Christian: Eric Rudolph planted explosives at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, then 2 abortion clinics and a bar in 1997-98. Islamic Militant Osama Bin Laden: led al-Qaeda terrorists network; planned 9/11 attacks and countless other atrocities. Over 3000 dead, full toll unknown. Militant Atheist, writes books and gives lectures.” 

What the liberal, secular atheists don’t realize is that their evil work will lead unknown millions into the fiery pits of hell.

Did you know hell exists?

I can’t show you pictures or video.

I can’t show you an account from a first-person source. But it exists. And so does heaven. And it exists for Mormons, Muslims, and Christians.

The rest of you lames are roasting.


This proves I love you.

I can see it now. You guys together for eternity, whooping it up with Osama bin Laden … because he’s going to be there with you. In your heaven. With this virgins. Or grapes. Or whatever.

Thanks, George W!