Peeper Dee #303

by Jude C

It is now 62 days until the end of the year. Start your Christmas shopping now.

And if you’re a conservative TV host, there are 55 days left to kvetch about the war on Christmas.

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A Message from The Greatest Generation

They’re our grandmothers and grandfathers, great-aunts and uncles, beloved counselors, kindly neighbors. They are the Greatest Generation. And, this election season, they’ve got some knowledge to drop. (NSFW)

Follow your elders’ advice: visit


Finally! The 2012 Edition of the Voter’s Guide is out!

It’s a good thing the Holy Bible was clear about who to vote for … 2 Chronicles 7:14 reads,

“Vote for the white guy — or the black guy — who loves money more. Who literally wastes it while on the campaign trail. Vote for the guy who is going to make it easier for the rich to pass through the eye of a needle with their big wallets in tact. Then you will know you voted for the right candidate.”

Seen on facebook … and the laughter from my belly when I saw it was louder than all the acts I saw at Lollapalooza … combined.