If Cindy Jacob’s prayers aren’t answered, Yeshua doesn’t exist


Supernatural miracle worker Cindy Jacobs says you can pray Sandy, the big, bad hurricane away.

Her prayer (according to this) is:

Prayer Points:

1. Rebuke this storm in Jesus’ name. The authority of the believer is powerful enough to shift weather patterns! (Matthew 17:20)

2. Declare that the Prince of Peace reigns over this hurricane, and that His peace will cause the storm to diminish. (Isaiah 9:6)

3. Pray that this storm will not disrupt our Reformation Day prayer initiatives in the eastern states. (Isaiah 54:17)

4. Pray that the Lord would protect every person on the eastern coast, and that there would be no fatalities or serious injuries. (Psalm 91; It would also be good to declare this passage of scripture over the eastern states.)

5. Worship God for his provision, protection, and peace in the midst of storms. (Psalm 59:16)

If the storm suddenly stopped this very second, someone somewhere would have to agree that Cindy’s onto something.

If the storm continues, people are harmed, and Sandy is wildly destructive, surely (surely!) Cindy will reconsider her faith position.



27 thoughts on “If Cindy Jacob’s prayers aren’t answered, Yeshua doesn’t exist

    1. Yes, my GI Tract is a major manufacturer of number two.

      I’m getting the feeling you’re not just a prophet. You’re a scientist.

    1. It’s reasonable that if you’ve met the “one” you’ve also met one or many of Jim Henson’s creations.

      Active imaginations are excellent sources of entertainment, both dead and delusional.

  1. Thank you. I was an amateur photographer off and on for about 50 years give or take and few, “dark room for monochrome” when the money was available. But now other things have taken over my life including old age and all that which comes with it.

    But I like this digital stuff, its so simple. Hope I have not come off the subject. whoops.

    1. Yes, the digital stuff is so simple. Anyone could do it.

      At least we have something in common. I used to be an amateur photographer, too.

  2. I read in the news today that a woman in Toronto was killed by debris blown by the strong winds.

    Well, that about wraps it up for God.

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