Peeper Dee #310

white heat handprint by sunny lee

You heard it here first: only 55 days until the end of the year. Forty eight days until Christmas.

One day until you find out if you’re going to have to live with the incumbent or the brown-faced brown noser.

underground love cave by j-dub

Eureka! I found an example of fear-mongering on the left. Phew!

Bill Maher says, “When you elect Mitt, you’re not just electing him. You’re electing every right wing nut he’s pandered to in the last ten years. If the Mittmobile does roll into Washington it will be towing behind it the whole anti-intellectual anti-science freak show. The abstinence obsessives, the flat earthers, home schoolers, the holy warriors, the anti-women social neanderthals, the closeted homosexuals, and every endtimer who sees the Virgin Mary in the grass over the septic tank.” 

I keep asking you guys to send me examples of fear mongering on the left. Well, since none of you came through, I found one on my own.

But we all know voting for Mitt doesn’t do anything for home schoolers, rendering this quote inaccurate.

Mitt hates home schoolers. We all know that.

And what’s so bad about anti-intellectualism? The dumber we all are, the better chances politicians have to fool people into following their ideas.

Done and done.


keepin’ it realz with jeremy and tina

I thought you guys might like this quick behind the scenes video. In this scene, we’re waiting for our next interviewee to finish a meeting and give us an interview.

While we waited, we bantered on camera.

Notice that something really does fall from my nose at the appropriate time.

Photographers — and everyone — should take care of themselves while traveling

I follow a talented photographer named Douglas Sonders. He’s based on the east coast, but travels quite a bit.

That’s how we are. Tina and I are based here, but we travel where our clients want us to be.

Sonders is young and he’s successfully living the dream as a photographer. He’s conquered the obstacle of figuring out how to convince clients to fly him in to locations rather than hire a local.

And that’s big.

But the trouble with traveling is maintaining a decent diet. Tina and I go out of our way to eat well at home, but once we hit the road, it’s fast food and restaurants.

The ingredients in restaurant food can be laden with ingredients we don’t always eat, heavier salts, heavier use of oils, fried foods, etc.

At home, we drink coffee in the morning, but rarely have sodas or fruit drinks. We’re water people. Staying healthy while on the road is tough.

As photographers, we carry heavy equipment, sometimes 8 to 12 hour days, putting a lot of strain on our arms and wrists. My camera with my favorite lens weighs 7.5 lbs. I also carry another body in a bag with extra batteries, another flash and various gear.

After a long day, either on the road or at home, exercise and eating right is often the very last thing on our minds.

Sonders wrote a post on staying healthy while traveling. Read it here.

Among the advice is (I paraphrased):

1. Locate a Whole Foods where you’ll be and stock up on unsalted nuts, water, and health bars.

2. Order grilled chicken sandwiches and no fries from fast food joints. Fried foods are bad for your heart and contribute to feeling crappy.

3. Stay hydrated while traveling or on set. Stay away from sodas and fruit drinks.

4. Make time for exercise.

Mind you, I suck at all the above. I have a weakness for McDonald’s on the road, because I never eat it at home. I love french fries and burgers. And when we’re in NYC, I need a couple slices of NYC-style pizza.

On the road,  I never exercise. I can’t find the time. I don’t bring running shoes or exercise clothing.

I carry water bottles most everywhere I go, so that’s my most successful piece of this advice.

Things I like to try and do better at that aren’t on this list:

  1. Monitor alcohol consumption. I have to do this in general, but on the road, it’s damn important.
  2. Stretch out before and after work. Maybe sometime in between.
  3. Take small breaks.
  4. Use monopods or tripods when possible. It’s not negative to use the tools in your bag to alleviate the stress.

I found that most of Douglas Sonders’ post was applicable to everyone. Drink water. Eat healthy snacks. Avoid fried foods. Make time for exercise.

I’m going to write more about this soon as well. But I thought this was a good topic to discuss here.

Peeper Dee #309

sitting with a fire truck parking brake by sunny lee

This Peeper Dee is from yesterday, November 4.

I’ve been delayed posting over the last two days, because my work day on Saturday screwed with my schedule. I’ll write about it more soon.

meet your new VJ by j-dub