It’s Wednesdog!

This very special, day-after-election Wednesdog is brought to you by adopted German Shepherd Scarlett.

I’ve posted Scarlett before, but only used one T to spell her name.

Scarlett is my neighbor’s dog whom we dogsat for a couple days at the beginning of October. Scarlett has had a troubled life so far. Our neighbor has needed to work with a behavior specialist.

We’ve decided that a lot of the issues stem around loud noises and metal monsters like bikes, cars, etc. Unfortunately, we have a crapload of that here in the city.

But when our neighbor takes Scarlett to the country, well, the stress is alleviated, and Scarlett behaves like a happy-go-lucky dog.

In the shots above and below, Scarlett was enjoying time with her BFF Talulah. Being in a pack seemed to be good for Scarlett.

But you can tell that at a moment’s notice, Scarlett could have a nervous breakdown.

We’ll see how Scarlett progresses over the years, because eventually she’ll need to acclimate to the city.


2 thoughts on “It’s Wednesdog!

  1. There’s hope for Scarlett: after many long years, I can finally take Sam to the dog park without worrying about something happening. It was a long hard struggle, but if Sam can do it, Scarlett can.

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