2003 Anil Dash sings the hits

This blog post by Anil Dash from back in January of 2003 on the influence and increase of progressivism is a good read. It’s called, “Changing the Channel.”

Here’s a snippet:

The future is what America’s about. This is not a country about Traditions. Slavery was a tradition. Servitude to patrilineal monarchs was a tradition. The closest thing America has to a tradition is the phrase, the philosophy, “Fuck You”. And who do we say it to? To our parents. To the cops. To our teachers. To all the voices of conservativism. And don’t misunderstand, conservativism isn’t just Rush Limbaugh or Bill O’Reilly, who want to make money pushing their agenda. It’s John Ashcroft and Jack Valenti, who truly want to take away your freedoms. Valenti’s a Democrat, by the way. Conservative evil pops up everywhere.

The only loss of freedom that conservative people complain about while looking backwards is that they pretend their speech is limited by “political correctness”. I’d say we’re all a lot freer if it’s considered rude or impolite to call a person by an ethnic slur, or to use a demeaning term to refer to a handicapped person. Those who feel restricted by societal demands to be considerate are poor arbiters of what exactly constitutes liberty.


NPR had this report from GOP analyst Mark McKinnon that will be available tonight after 7 p.m. (Link) He said that if Jon Huntsman were their candidate, Republicans would have won the election. He said that the reason they lost is because the only increase in demographic group came in the old white dude category.

Women, latinos, takers and African Americans were all on the rise.


Barbara Bradley Hagerty did a report called, “For religious conservatives, election was “disaster“.

Part of the story is (emphasis mine):

Billy Graham and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association bought full-page ads in newspapers; that made no difference,” [Albert Mohler president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary] says. “Ralph Reed spent tens of millions of dollars getting out the vote in battleground states; that didn’t make the difference. And you add all of that up, and it was not enough because of the changing demographics of our country.”

“The power of this group to shape elections,” says Greg Smith, a senior researcher at the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, “is limited by its size.”

“They do turn out,” he says. “A quarter of the electorate described themselves as white evangelicals. It’s just that that’s not enough to overcome the strong Democratic support of other religious groups.”

Smith says Obama won 95 percent of black Protestants, three-quarters of Hispanic Catholics, 7 out of 10 Jewish voters and 70 percent of religiously unaffiliated voters, which is the fastest-growing segment of “religion.”

Woot! I am in the “fastest-growing segment of “religion.”

Anil Dash post Via Kottke

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