Ah hell nah! Dan Savage takes on Tony Perkins

Dan Savage is an advocate for what is good and decent.

And Tony Perkins of the “Family” Research Counsel thinks he has magical powers.

Perkins has talked about taking Dan Savage to court.

Here’s a video in which Dan says, “Bring it.”


Facepalm. Fake Obama holding a sign that reads, “Pray 4 Assassin.”


So this was on someone’s doorstep in Alabama.

Remember all those people who screamed for the assassination of George Bush?

You don’t? Me neither.


At least they spelled Assassin right. And I know how much time it takes to write out “for”, so there’s a good use of the number 4.

Gosh, it’s a good thing prayers don’t work, but still.

I hope — really hope — that this is dealt with properly.

More here.



Marvelous! Here are gorgeous photos of the destruction of our planet!

From Vanity Fair, in an article called, On the Cold Front, check out these beautiful photos from James Balog:

In an effort to provide concrete visual proof of climate change and its devastating effects, photographer James Balog embarked on a years-long project that spanned the northern reaches of the globe. He set up cameras from Greenland to Alaska in order to capture horrifying—yet undeniably beautiful—time-lapse photos that reveal the unprecedented rate at which glaciers are receding. As the award-winning Chasing Ice, which chronicles Balog’s monumental endeavor with his Extreme Ice Survey, hits New York on November 9, VF.com showcases breathtaking photographs from Balog’s Ice: Portraits of Vanishing Glaciers, published by Rizzoli.

If only the ice would melt into the form of large Ts, perhaps more climate change deniers would get on board.

Via Kottke