the payoff: hitting tack sharp

Yesterday we were in the studio with two dogs and later a baby.

Both shoots went really well.

I’ve been editing the photos today, and love when my ratio of tack sharp to just shy of sharp is higher than usual. It’s a great feeling.

I had to share this image. It’s a zoom of a bust shot. Love the bubbles, the eyes and the eye lashes.


What’s with all the hullabaloo? Taluloo got a boo boo.

Yesterday, we had two photo shoots in the studio. I left our place at noon to go set up lights, and Tina stayed back to take Talulah out before coming over.

As usual, Tina spent 25 or 30 minutes with Talulah playing fetch in the back yard. Sh

When she finished, she met me at around 12:30 and we were in the studio until about 4 p.m.

When we got home, Talulah was excited to see us. I went to my computer to start downloading images from the shoot, and when I looked down at where Talulah sat just before running out to see Tina, I noticed a splotch of blood.

I went to investigate, but I couldn’t find anything. So  picked her up, and asked Tina to start looking. She couldn’t find anything either.

I put Talulah back down. When Tina looked at her hand, she gasped. There was a lot of blood in her hand.

On the back of her back left paw, she had a huge gash. She must have got it while Tina and she were playing, but Talulah’s breed is so stinking strong, they don’t let on to injuries.

We had plans to go to an open house, but Talulah ruined everything!

We took Lu to the emergency ER, where they drugged her, stitched her up and put one of those sweet-ass cones on her. She was so stinking drunk she couldn’t stand.

We also had dinner party plans, which our hosts were so kind to let us bring Talulah with us. At dinner, she laid on the floor, occasionally whimpering. Or she’d get up and her head was too heavy and she’d bang into a wall.

Tina said she got stuck in a corner at one point, unable to go anywhere. She turned her around like a toy car and let her go again.

I had to carry her to and from the car all night. What a pathetic pitty.

Don’t worry. She’s doing okay today. We don’t have the cone on her, because it’s bandaged and we’re keeping a close eye on her. But when we leave tonight for an event, we’re going to have to stick it on her.

Poor little turd.


Mmmm, Sunday Morning food porn. How hot dogs are made.

In this country, pornography is considered immoral and dirty. It’s often taboo in conservative circles.

Those same circles buy and eat hot dogs, which should be — after watching the above — immoral.

I nominate that if there’s a scale of immorality, bible-thumping believers should consider hot dogs more immoral than homosexual behavior.

Who’s hungry for a hot dog?

Via Kottke.