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This is why this country is going down the drain? This is the best thing Republicans can find to help them lick their wounds after the election

I love this video.

It shows the “47%” that Romney cared nothing about. And it’s purportedly a video that “they” don’t want you to see.

That “they” includes people like me.

But I want you to see it.

Does this kid need to do better with the “free” money? Sure.

Does he deserve the “free” money? No one deserves grace, but everyone should get it.

In many ways, I see no difference between the guy in the above video and myself. I won a lottery. He lost it.

His education — or lack thereof — informs his perspective.

And while the conservative movement loathes uneducated perspectives, they are the first to oppose education. This is a broad stroke statement, but the opposition to science, progress, math, and education blows up in your face when it’s those things you both fight against and for.

Let’s fight for education and virtue.

Just keep in mind that unlimited grace (unconditional love) has its limits when money gets involved.

Unconditional love only pertains to that abstract idea of eternal salvation. Ahh, the currency of the completely unprovable.  The economy of Christ’s death only goes as far as “he paid the price for your soul,” not your neighbor’s earthly welfare.

Despite Yeshua’s entire body of work that appears to the contrary (feeding of undeserving 5,000, the Good Samaritan, the eye of needles, etc).

So fuck you 47%.

Fuck you very much.


Thanksgiving Holidays are back!

Thanksgiving at the Trolls
Thanksgiving at the Trolls (Photo credit: martha_chapa95)


Tina and I have been rushing around getting ready for the Thanksgiving Holiday week. We’re going to hit the road tomorrow, drive down to North Carolina for a visit, and then back here before T-day.


We’ll spend this weekend in North Carolina with my family and next weekend with Tina’s. Talulah’s going with us since we’re driving.

In case you’re wondering, T-dog is healing up fine. We haven’t had her cone on her head that much since we’re with her 24/7 and can keep an eye on her. We’ll leave the stitches on through our NC visit, and take them out some time next week.


Today we have a big job that will stretch through the evening. Blogging will certainly continue, but may be a bit limited due to travel and business.

If you’re looking for fun reading, try Kottke and TYWKIWDBI. They’re waiting for you to stop by.