If a zillion year old man can’t decipher the “voice of God,” what makes you think you can?

Pat Robertson thought the voice telling him Mitt Romney would win the election was “God” and he admits he was wrong.

In other news, hearing aural hallucinations is still considered schizophrenia.


In the news: Cory Booker plans to live off food stamps for one week

From CBS

Following an exchange on Twitter with a self-described “Daughter of the American Revolution (DAR), fighting against any and all forms of socialism/communism,” Newark, N.J., Mayor Cory Booker plans to live off food stamps for one week.

Booker’s office did not immediately confirm the plans to CBS News. But this afternoon, the mayor was tweeting his plans to go forward with a week-long “food stamp challenge.”

Booker, who’s prolific on Twitter, on Sunday tweeted out a quote from Plutarch: “An imbalance between rich and poor is the oldest and most fatal ailment of all republics.” That set off a wave of discussion, including one tweet asking, “So you want to redistribute wealth???” Another respondent was “Twitwit,” who at one point wrote that “nutrition is not a responsibility of the government.” Booker responded, “We have a shared responsibility that kids go to school nutritionally ready 2 learn.”

Clinton/Booker 2016. 


It’s Wednesdog!

Talulah’s stepping up to take this holiday week’s Wednesdog.

She was just a trooper during the last five days of our trip. We’ve been dealing with the cut on her leg, and it opened once during the trip. Without an excess of exercise, I was worried that she’d be worse than she was.

But she was great.

You should see her with my nieces. You can tell why her breed was a babysitting dog for so long. She loves kids, and is so patient with them.

In the picture above, she’s wearing my niece’s boots and t-shirt.




Back in Chicago

Tina and I drove back into Chicago last night.

The city was covered in a beautiful fog, that made the city difficult to see approaching from the south on 94. But once we were in it, the city of broad shoulders gave us a big welcome back hug.

We love this place.

If I were in a better state of mind, I would have gone back out to photograph a little. There were some gorgeous ways the fog was lighted and backlighted.

Our trip was fun. It was short. We only had three full days. I’ll talk a bit more on the blog over the next few days.

We were able to see my brother perform with a cover band that plays for a water charity on Saturday night. He sung the Jeff Buckley version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, Never Tear us Apart by INXS, Yellow by Coldplay, and Love Song by The Cure. The whole band played other stuff, but those were my brother’s main vocal parts.

On Sunday morning, I went to church with my dad and sister. My mom and Tina stayed back to put our Thanksgiving meal together. The sermon at church was on one of my favorite stories about Hosea in which God tells Hosea (commands him) to marry a temple whore named Gomer. And when Gomer leaves Hosea to go back to the life of temple prostitution (a common practice at that time), God tells Hosea to go back to the temple, wait in the line of men waiting to fuck her, buy her back out of prostitution and make her his wife again.

There’s a version of that story in The Last Temptation of Christ that shows a human side of Jesus not found in the bible, but certainly more characteristic of a loving, selfless man.

I mean, what’s better? The dad who swears he loves you, goes out for a pack of cigarettes, never comes back, but people tell you he loves and thinks of you often or the person who marries you despite everything you do wrong and stays by your side regardless?

It’s no contest. 

Our “Thanksgiving” meal was great. My brother, his wife, their two, kids, my sister, mom, dad and Tina sat together and ate that meaningful meal together. I regret we didn’t do the whole, “What are you thankful for” game. I’m kicking myself for not bringing it up.

If we would have played, I would have said, “I am thankful for and love my family, who practice unconditional love … who — despite our differences in viewpoints — are inclusive, love my wife (probably more than they love me) and let us bring our dog, whom we’re nutty McNutbags about and bring her everywhere and treat her like a spoiled child.

Old Friends with New Beginnings

On Sunday night, Tina and I visited with best friend and regular-reading fan Aaron who is in a new relationship with an amazing woman.

We shared some spirits and spiritous conversation. One thing that strikes me about our get togethers is Aaron’s openness to things he was once uncomfortable with. We share a similar past. And while I was able to escape the Yeshua Fog, he still lives in it.

Aaron reads this blog, and surely doesn’t agree with everything I write or post. But he has an openness to it. He’s inquirous of it. And he has some counterpoints that he’s going to send me when he can.

Someday I’ll convince him to be a guest blogger or we’ll start a whole new thing together.

We’ll spend Thanksgiving here in Chicago with Tina’s family, but we’ve got a busy work weekend ahead.

I’m also going to write a bit more about my trip, I’m sure. There were some conversations that need thoughtful digestion.

I mean, that fog that surrounds the place I grew up is such a contrast to the fog we drove back into last night.

So different.