Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, just like everyday, is a day of thanksgiving. It’s specifically identified as spending all waking hours remembering how you’re loved, you love others, and others love others.

Just like Tuesday night when I drove into Chicago and got the feeling that a melting pot of ideas, perceptions, religions, political leanings, all these things are welcome here.

And all those things are welcome in this country.

It may not always feel like it. But freedom is freedom. And freedom to do — or not to do — is what makes this country great, whether you accept that or not.

Apathy and empathy are welcome. Sympathy and anger. Happiness and disappointment. Honesty and dishonesty.

Fidelity and infidelity.

Everything, no matter what, is welcome.

People who think that the world, this country and its people are headed to the toilet and people who accept those people are welcome.

I am thankful for a wife who inspires me to be the best asshole I can be.

Just kidding.

The direction of that sentence was too Jerry McGuire.

I’m thankful for new friends. Animals. A place to live. A society and culture appreciative of science and progress.

I’m thankful that accepting or not accepting the differences in our culture doesn’t stop forward movement.

Over the last year, I’ve traveled. I’ve learned. I’ve accepted. I’ve cried. I’ve laughed. I’ve hurt others and hurt myself. Literally and figuratively.

And for these things — all these things — I’m somehow thankful.

Thankfulness is vulnerability. Appreciation is a bleeding heart, a kick to the teeth and a hug followed by a back scratch.

Gratitude is sometimes disappointed.

It’s sometimes nauseating.

It’s often the reason you get chills down your back.

Enjoy your day and soak up whoever is around you. Turn off your computers. Your phones.

Pick up a camera. A video camera. Talk to your friends with a video recorder on.

Take this day with you tomorrow.

Next Thanksgiving is 365 days away.

This one is now.

Don’t wait for another pass around the sun to make this one the best.