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Bad French by Jude C
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siblings by j-dub

Oh, to be sixteen again

I’ve been editing heavily the last couple days as we’ve had several shoots.

The shot above is a push in of a sixteen year old whom we photographed on Saturday.

I’ve done very little skin work to her. I cleaned up a few blemishes that appear quite naturally on a teen’s face. But otherwise, you can see some amazing skin detail in the image (click to enlarge).

She may not appreciate zooming that close now, but maybe later.


Blasphemy! Jamie Foxx calls Barack Obama “our Lord and Savior”!

Official photographic portrait of US President...
Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Go here to watch the video I can’t embed in WordPress.

This will fuel up some fire in the conservatives’ collective buttholes.

Jamie Foxx called Barack Obama “our lord and savior.”

Oh no he didn’t.

Look guys, the only person who can send unbelievers to hell is the real God in heaven.

When Barack Obama disappoints Republicans, it only feels like hell. But let me assure you, hell is much more burny and torture-y.

The real winner here is you, because you can go read the comments to the video, which are three parts scary, and two parts funny.

Okay, more funny than scary.

Tired of an un-Boosted creativity … try these simple steps to sweet, sweet boostification!

image from

Cracked claims they know why your creativity is slouchy. Go here to find out more.

Among the reasons:

  1. You’re not tired enough.
  2. You’re not drunk enough.
  3. You’re over paid.
  4. You don’t know enough assholes.
  5. It’s too quiet.
  6. You’re having too much sex.

Keep in mind, is among the top peer-reviewed science journals out there.

Things I learned over Thanksgiving break

Over the Thanksgiving break, I had several conversations with different people that, well, blew me away.

One guy told me that he’s an avid runner, and loves marathons. He also loves the city of Chicago. But you won’t catch him in Chicago, you know, because of Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Okay. Fine. I’ve heard that before. What else do you have?

Another person told me that Mitt Romney didn’t get elected because God does not want a mormon in the white house. It’s not because Romney was an inferior candidate with inferior ideas. It wasn’t because the Republican party can’t get their shirts and skirts on straight, what, with all the in-fighting and weird ideas.

It’s because the big man in the sky doesn’t want a Mormon in the white house.

Easy enough.

What else did I learn?

I heard a rule for visits that one guy follows to a T. It is that you don’t stay more than 3 hours at any function, dinner party or party with friends or family. And you do not stay more than 3 days visiting a person, like on vacation.

When your three hours are up, and you’re in the middle of a sentence with this guy, he just leaves.

Not kidding.

Okay, seems fine enough.

A billboard, or two, taught me that Hell is real.

Got that squared away.


Another person told me that evolution isn’t true, because it’s only a bunch of theories. There’s no rationale for how male and female came about. God could have done all of that crazy stuff that scientists say happened over the years. That’s how amazing God is.

Simple enough.

I heard one person question why Muslims hate America so much and yet they move here. The very fact that they don’t scan pork if they work as a cashier in a Target or grocery store, and the fact that Muslim cabbies refuse cab fares if they’ve been drinking renders their actions identifiable as America hate. These stories are from 2007, by the way. Read them here.

Sure. That’s fair.

I also learned on Ellen that Madonna gets up at 10 a.m. and goes to bed at 2 or 3 a.m. while she’s on tour.

I’m now a fairly complete individual.

I also heard that the plot for Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is coming true, and it’s contributing to the destruction of America. Have you ever seen that movie? It’s a 1939 film starring Jimmy Stewart. Stewart is a rookie Senator who finds out that Washington politics are corrupted. And he is a naive, country bumpkin who knows that the old ways were better, you know, when senators connected with their constituents and voted knowing they could vote him out at any election.

It’s a story of men dreaming for a utopian Washington despite it being dystopian.

I can dig that. We all would love to have a perfect world where senators did their job and made sure little Jimmy’s boy scout troupe’s campground didn’t get government funded to be torched and a mall be built in its place.

The other thing I learned during Thanksgiving holiday was that the destruction of America is happening because of women voters.

Women voters.

Now hear me out. I’m told it makes sense.

Women vote with their nests in mind. They vote for the here and the now. Women want what’s best for their babies. So they’ll focus their voting on short sighted things, like welfare and social services.

Men, on the other hand, vote with their futures in mind. Men will go without modern amenities and delicacies.

Doesn’t that make perfect sense?

I’m glad I could take this opportunity to share with you what I learned over the break. That way we can all more forward with these things in mind. And live better, happier lives.

It would delight me to no end if you were so kind to respond to what I learned with what you learned.

Let me know how you feel about what I learned.

I think that would be dreamy.