Peeper Dee #332

let’s give the newlywed, mrs. d sanchez, a hand by sunny lee

Twenty eight shopping days until Christmas …

You’re cutting it close.

Who the hell knows how many days until Hanukkah.

Kwanzaa? Forget about it.

by Tina Louise
by j-dub

My new jam: Satan Get Out of Here by Judy W. De Latte

Do you ever find yourself with urges to masturbate?

Maybe you lusted after your buddy Dan’s riding lawn mower one too many times.

Maybe you peer out the window at the woman or man (or both) that live next door, and you think, “Man, would I like to stick it in (or them to stick it in me) … hard … for, like five minutes.”

Maybe you looked a little too long and hard at that $1,000 purse that you really don’t need.

Or how about that time you got pregnant, and that free government abortion from Planned Parenthood stared you straight in the face and said, “Take our services (or a clothes hanger) and stab that baby out of your uterus.”

Thems Satan’s own words floating around in your head!

And it’s times like those when you need to buy Judy W. DeLatte’s album “Satan Get Out of Here“, slap it on the turntable … and make sure you set that knob on repeat!

The urges, the temptations, the longings, the jealousies and all those evil ideas will fly right out the window!

And if you’re really in for a treat, turn all the lights low, play that record backwards and listen for the messages.

I hear they say, “God’s not real. Satan’s not real. Don’t worry about all those things that you’re hung up on. Go on with your life. Love the people around you, and everything will be okay.”

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Those Satanists at Chick-fil-A are waging war against Christmas!

Hey, if you’re a company who refuses to use stuff “Christ” into all your Mas(s) marketing, you can go to hell.

Am I right, or am I right, Jim?

The American Family Association made up a sweet-ass list for all you Bible-thumping Christmas lovers to boycott this CHRISTmas season.

On the list:

  • Gap
  • Old Navy
  • Banana Republic
  • And Walgreens!

So get to it, believers! Make sure you do what the American Family Association says!

Here’s a boycott petition to sign.

Oh, I forgot to mention, Chick-fil-A, despite their hate for America and everything American … like Christmas, they aren’t on the list yet.

But they will be. Because American Family Association is policing the world for companies leading the charge against Christmas.


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My college roommate sweats it to the hits

The lead guy in this video from #FloatingAction, we roomed together in college for two years.

In fact, during high school, we used to sit and eat together out by the flag poles.

And now he’s sweating to the new songs.

In sweet Seth Kauffman style.

About the video:

Published on Nov 19, 2012 by 


“Matador” appears on the full-length album “Fake Blood”, released on Jim James’ record label REMOVADOR and Asheville NC label HARVEST RECORDINGS in 2012.
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“Matador” video produced and directed by Sandlin Gaither (
Choreographers/aerobics performers: Eliza Sydney, Kathleen Hahn, Tammy Cox & Julie Bartlett Harrison
Floating Action is: Seth Kauffman, Josh Carpenter, Brian Landrum, Mark Capon & Evan Martin
Special thanks: Lauren Van Epps, Dane Smith and John Henry Gloyne