Words my facebook friends are posting

I thought these varieties of quotes were an interesting way to wake up this morning.

Notice Julie Ferwerda’s from Albert Einstein, and feel free to google his beliefs about “God”.

They may surprise you.

They surprised me, since he was damn critical of atheism.

I couldn’t agree more with Cory Booker’s GB Shaw quote.

Full text below the fold.

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Panhandlers make more than you.


WISC-TV went undercover for two and a half hours Nov. 9, first on the corner of Gammon and Watts roads and later at Gammon and Odana roads on the city’s far west side. An employee posed as a panhandler, and donations received during that time included $80 in cash and change, a box of granola bars, a banana, pizza and a soda.

In total, the money and food obtained equaled $36 an hour, or more than $70,000 a year without paying taxes. The money, plus a matching donation from WISC-TV, will go to the Salvation Army of Dane County to help with the agency’s family shelter program.

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