5 thoughts on “It’s like the Tower of Babel: Gangnam Style’s Psy confuses and befuddles O’Reilly and a Psychiatrist

  1. O’Reilly’s just jealous, lol, and in order work at Fox News you have to check your sense of humor at the door.

  2. The horse dance is becoming famous in over the world and the singer named Psy is known as a worldwide idol. Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ video has more than 300 million YouTube views and counting.Millions of people imitated this dance. A teacher teaching math danced ‘Gangnam Style’ in his period to make it less boring and his students are very interesting in his new way of teaching. A teacher teaching physical education did the same thing in the physical class. In recent days, people told about this song and its dance had proved as an internet sensation when almost 1000 inmates of a Philippine prison burst into the famous horse-riding dance.,

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  3. To put it simply, it’s the generation gap.
    Bobby Darin was all the rage when ol’ Bill was growing up.

    In case you’ve forgotten who that is:

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