I’m a boxer!

wilkinson-witteveen-1I love when my responses to others writings are taken as antagonistic threats of assholery.

You get images like the above.

That’s Dan Wilkinson. And his response to my post about 1 Timothy 2:12 can be found here.

His response is yawnable at best. It’s a bit of a whiny mess, ascertaining he didn’t (or did) write what I interpreted he did or didn’t write.

I missed the point here.

I missed the point there.

I didn’t go into enough detail there.

I made a blanket-y statement over yonder.

Oh no.

I missed his points when my hand made a dull thud against my face several times during the 8 minutes it took to read his response.

It’s like that when kids think they shouldn’t be taken any other way than their intent.

You don’t understand, [sniff, sniff] I addressed exactly what you missed. Let me clarify again.

And again.

And … scene.

What’d you do, Dan, go to a believing college where this kind of response to your writing is acceptable?

At least one good thing came of it … a sweet doctored image of yours truly.

You can see my — not really my — nipple!

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