7 thoughts on “Lets think about this for a second

  1. “Crappy deity” for those who are atheists I guess. But why is any religion more “crappy” or false than other?
    There are no verification for any of them anyway.

      1. Should I write louder?

        You failed to make a criticism. You talked yourself out of theism in a few odd sentences.

        You started to make one point and finished with negating the first one.


  2. All I said was that there are no verification for any religion. It’s about faith and no one can tell someone that their belief is less valuable than other’s. We should aim for understanding, not judging.

  3. Thinking critically doesn’t include the word critical for nothing.

    There’s no verification for any religion?

    I assume you’re a believer, but do not know which faith. I’m glad you can believe in something without verification.

    I cannot.

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