Thoughts on assholery

There’s been something bothering me. Or maybe it’s some things.

Maybe it’s the Christmas season. Maybe it’s spending more time with friends and family.

Maybe it’s the idea that this economy is so tough, I have no idea if next week I’m going to have to find a job in the “real” world.

Last night I was listening to music that reminded me of an old girlfriend and I found myself a bit more emotional than usual. It wasn’t a longing for my ex-girlfriend. It was a return to emotions that I felt during our breakup.

But there are a zillion things are bringing the emotion right now. This blog for example.

I mean, Le Café represents ideologies that are completely contradictory to my upbringing. Some of the biggest readers of this blog are family, like my dad, my brother, my sister in law. I think my mom either reads it, or gets second hand info from my dad. But regardless, it’s understood that the universe-sized elephant in Chicago is the asshole who battles his former belief in Christianity via a public blog on the internet.

While I don’t sit here saying, “I’m going to hurt my family’s feelings today,” I can honestly say that my motivation is not to hurt them. I realize that it would be difficult to separate self from faith, as most people identify their person with faith.

My criticisms are surely offensive. (More below the fold).

Over at this post, “Richard Dawkins: Why I refuse to debate with William Lane Craig“, there’s this kid named Jake who has responded extensively on the thread. Jake, for one reason or another, is a cunt.

And it was all I could do not to respond to his last response. He wrote in response to some guy named Vic:

You can always count on Jer to bring the fallacy.

This is called tu quoque. Ignore the arguments that your opponent brings and accuse him of the same.

Stick to taking pictures, brosef.

So much of me wanted to return the assholery above with more assholery.

The dude called me “Jer” and Brosef within the same few sentences.

Calling me “Jer” is a rite of passage in my world which I have yet to grant Jake.

Although, in his defense, Jake is about the most pathetic voice for his cause we’ve had on this blog in a while.

Take the above response for example. He criticized me for the fallacy of tu quoque, a sort of hypocrisy stance rather than debating the details. But Vic didn’t bring anything but an attack on Richard Dawkins for unfounded criticisms of irresponsibility and a form of dishonesty. But my response was to a guy who attacked person over the details.

That’s what I find frustrating about Jake and, perhaps, like-minded people.

He easily criticized me. I’m his antagonist. But he was unable to see that the guy he was supporting was wrong for doing the same thing. He criticized me and supported the other guy.

Because they are playing on the same team.

I sketched out a response that I never sent. It said,

Gee, Jake, imagine responding to fire with fire, and then — as you’ve aptly done — being able to only see the flames in my response, not the burning building in Vic’s comment. 

Thank you, Jake, for continuing to wow us with statements absent of critical thought. 

It’s a gift and a talent. 

Then I thought, am I being absent of critical thought?

And I often answer that question, yes. Yes, I’m often guilty of thought that isn’t critical enough. An analytical mind may analyze a lot of details. But I find it fails a lot.

But if we were all critical of everything we were fond of, would we be fond of anything?

Sometimes I want to throw my dog out the window. When excited, Talulah’s bark is the most annoying thing in the world. Taking her out several times a day. Running her or exercising her is a bitch.

Sometimes I cuddle with her and Tina overhears me tell her I can’t wait till she’s gone.

It’s appalling. I know. But no one can expect me to love my dog 24 hours a day.

Come on!

Am I Tina’s biggest fan every hour of the day? Hell, no.

Nor is she mine.

One of the greatest bits of advice I ever got was from a gay friend of mine named Joye. About her life partner, she said, “Do we love each other? Yes. Do we love each other all the time. No. There are times when I need to be able to say, ‘Hun, I don’t love you right now. In fact, I can’t stand you.”

That doesn’t mean the emotion is permanent. It’s just realistic. And realism and truth is often one of our biggest enemies as humans.

And I can’t expect Tina to love me 100% of the time either. Gosh, if I’m this much of an asshole on the Internet, imagine living with me.

But I’m a sweetheart, too.

We’re human. Our physical makeup is a metaphor for who we are.

We’re sometimes a shit and piss factory.

But our hands, legs and arms mixed with our brains allow us to be the people who help, love, and give.

Our similarities are that we — for the most part — are on the same level playing field. Except for you amputees and quadriplegics.

Sorry guys. You have to wait for heaven (or hell) to have a level playing field.

Thems the “facts”.

Jakey-pooh and I are similar. For the record, I think I’m a bigger asshole than he is.

But he wins at being dumber.

How are you winning these days?

5 thoughts on “Thoughts on assholery

  1. You don’t use the C word much in the USA. It’s frowned on at home as the worst thing you can say and it’s not PC to use it anymore… Whereas in NL the Dutch version “kut” is used all the time and has the equivalent force of “damn” !!

    Lesson over… And Jeremy you’re def not a cunt mate !

  2. Cunt can be used common in small circles (like the ones I run around in), but it’s definitely not okay to use in general conversation.

    I think if I used it around my family, someone would pass out.

    It’s a shame.

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