Big broad shoulders opening up for a big hug


Yesternight, Tina and I drove back into Chicago with a feeling of relief and thankfulness.

We were able to drive down to NC in just over 11 hours, a record. And we got back in about 11.5. Another record.

When we see the Willis Tower in the distance, one of us inevitably says something like, “Gosh, I love this city. How could we live anywhere else?”

We revel for 15 minutes in how great it is to live here.

How great it is to drive back into a city with so much diversity of race, opinion, ideas and creativity.

Here, you get a variety of people who may shoot you, take your money, or hug you and be your friend.

I know, that sounds like your neighborhood, too. But you’re — likely — not surrounded by this beautiful concrete jungle.

Perhaps my religion is Chicago. It’s got heaven, hell and a shit load of what’s between.

But it’s visible. It’s real. And the reality of it makes all the difference.

Happy New Year to you and yours.

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