music recommendation: alt-j


Are you looking for new music to listen to.

Work that will tittle your tattle and mangle your dangle?

I recommend ∆ (alt-j). Album called: An Awesome Wave.

Alt-J is a key command on a map for the symbol Delta. In Calculus, it means change.

It’s the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet.

It’s the album that you should consider getting your hands on.

Not kidding.

Link to their facebook and their iTunes.

Make no mistake: I am talking to you Aaron and Xina.

If in doubt, check this song out:

don’t quote me out of context

Slavery is a prac­tice that has occurred through­out his­tory, is cod­i­fied and reg­u­lated in the Bible and is implic­itly endorsed by God. To try and say oth­er­wise is to deny the clear teach­ings of Scripture and to engage in selec­tive read­ing, dis­torted exe­ge­sis and his­tor­i­cal revi­sion­ism. Therefore, as Christians in search of the truth, it is incum­bent upon us to uphold this Biblical prac­tice.

Go get some context here.

Thanks, Dan!