the notes that I aspire to write some day

424170_10151345711468958_767577948_nA letter posted somewhere in Chicago from “Your old white cranky neighbor reads, “Dear Slob Neighbor (who brought their Christmas tree down the residential elevator … I am trying to figure out — are you: a) nuts. b) a slob. c) recently moved from a trailer park. d) usually has a personal servant that cleans up after your mess. e) all of the above. 

There aren’t any F-bombs, though.

Needs more of those.


a retoucher I love to love: Julia Kuzmenko McKim

Screen shot 2013-01-10 at 12.08.40 PM

I love to gawk at great work, and this stuff from

We love to honor and gawk at great work, and this stuff from Julia Kuzmenko McKim is no exception.

Wait a minute, it’s exceptional. That’s what it is.

Below is an amazing before and after. All of her work is inspiring and beautiful.

Check out Julia’s web site here.