And the finalists are: Cancer and Sin. … And the winner is …

scamvangelist-todd-bentley-heals-a-man-of-cancerFlyer reads, “If a doctor told you today that you have cancer! You would be concerned. What if your pastor told you that you have sin! Cancer kills the body. Sin kills the soul!”

If a doctor told me I had cancer, I would use my acute gift of observation and knowledge to see that others have had cancer and many have won and many have lost. I would know that cancer exists, because I know people who have had cancer and I have seen what it has done to them. I would ask what the next steps are and if we can use modern technology and advancements to rid my body of it.

If a pastor told me I had sin and it was destroying my soul, I would ask for proof, as I’ve never seen a destroyed soul before. I’ve never seen a sin-stricken person who had physiological manifestations of sinfulness growing on their soul muscle.

And then I would ignore it and move on.



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