long weekend of photographic bliss






This weekend was a brilliant weekend jam packed with creativity and fun.

Friday and Saturday we scheduled as many photo shoots as possible and photographed them with a rented Hasselblad.

More images to come soon.

Enjoy these behind the scenes shots.






photo 1

The horror! Who will suffer with 2013 tax increases

tax increase.


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From the Wall Street Journal:

In the nick of time, and amid much political drama, Congress passed the American Taxpayer Relief Act on New Year’s Day—averting massive tax increases for nearly all earners that were slated to take effect Jan. 1.

Even so, millions of people soon will feel something less than relief from the new law.

The bill approved in Congress to avert the fiscal cliff would bring the first major tax increase on high earners in 20 years. Laura Saunders breaks down how new tax increases will impact across different tax brackets. Photo: AP.

While the top 1% of taxpayers will bear the biggest burden, many other families, affluent and poor, will pay more as well.

The most immediate change affects nearly all workers: Congress allowed a two-percentage-point cut for the employee portion of the Social Security tax to expire. As a result, each will owe up to $2,425 more in payroll tax this year than in 2012.

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